Oia Santorini – Summer Lovers

It was a just a small budget movie released in 1982. At the time the Greek Islands were already popular with young tourists from all over the world, but this silly little movie became a fantastic international commercial for the Greek tourism authority. Its just light hearted escapism, but the soundtrack was great and the images captured the imagination of millions around the world. For many this was the first glimpse they had of the magic of Santorini & the Aegean lifestyle and I know that many millions of people made a vow to themselves that “one day” they will get to the island.

Twenty six years later the house used for the movie is still here in Oia…now a curiosity shop. For all of you that first saw the island in this film and have visited as a result or are still dreaming about visiting one day…the following pics are for you ;-)


the house sits on the “other side” of Oia, facing the sunset view but not the caldera and volcano…


the wall sign still proclaims it as the “Summer Lovers” house…


although not facing the volcano it still commands a spectacular view…situated above the steps leading down to Ammoudi port…


also faces the Kastro (old Venetian fort) where the “sunsetters” gather daily to watch the magical sunset show; the old abandoned
ruins you can see were once Captains houses that were abandoned after the 1954 earthquake…


just above the house are Oia’s two windmills..


and the side entrance to what I think is the best restaurant (kastro) from which to watch the sunset and enjoy good food….


the photos were taken around 6pm…but the keen sunsetters were already in position, two and a half hours before sunset…


for all of these people this will be an afternoon to remember… their cameras capturing sublime images, their dream of watching
the sunset from Oia-Santorini fulfilled!

Hope you enjoyed the short tour of the Summer Lovers neighbourhood ;-)


14 responses to “Oia Santorini – Summer Lovers

  1. You did it!!! I saw your sight this morning and called my sisters… they were floored! You are killing us with these pictures… they are too beautiful…too thought provoking!!! I can not imagine actually being there on that roof top waiting for the sun to set or winding through the narrow paths to have a bite . Amazing… thank you and your family again for letting us peek in on your adventure. Take care… good luck!

  2. I remember seeing “Summer Lovers” in the 80’s and thought the scenery was beautiful but forgot about it. Fast forward about 20 years… My wife and I were spinning through the channels and stumbled upon this movie once again. We watched the movie and decided that night to vacation there the next summer. We have visited Greece and Santorini 6 times since, the last time we brought out children with us.

    We were going to visit last summer but I lost my job and couldn’t afford it. I am very happy I found your blog so I could still enjoy “the island” (as my wife and I call Santorini). Hopefully we will visit again in the coming years.

    Take care.

    • Great story John (apart from losing your job). I know for a fact that many many people first came here because of that movie….silly as it was it was a great promo piece for the island. Btw, more of the walk in the next few days…and this part is VERY special !

  3. I saw the movie in 1983 and surched for a copy in 2003, I will go before I’m too old!

  4. Funny. Yesterday I decided to visit Greece for the first time, more specifically Santorini. Today I found this blog. And yes, it’s in my imaginary conscience since 1982… all this time I thought about Santorini due to the movie, which I proudly own a DVD. And now I will visit myself. A pity I’m not a young adult anymore. The success of the movie, although a technically lousy one, resides in the pillars of what a youngster looks for: adventure, romance, traveling, exotic things.

  5. Like all your appreciative readers before me, I was completely enchanted by the movie “Summer Lovers” when I was young and vowed that Santorini would be the very first place I ever travelled to. Well now I am 52, been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world and swam and nearly every sea and ocean and I am finally about to make my very first trip to Santorini in August. Can’t wait to jump from those rock faces into the Aegean. My husband and I are staying for 3 weeks…..and Papleguas, I have just ordered a copy of the “Summer Lovers” DVD. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Best wishes to all you fellow travel lovers!!!!

  6. That is the movie that made me want to go to Greece…but I have never been yet. I had forgotten the title of it, now I will have to look for it and watch it again.


  8. I did things backwards… I visited Santorini first while backpacking with some friends. It was a dream, and we certainly had an adventure! But I have not yet seen Summer Lovers, just the trailers… I plan on watching it when I can, as I miss Santorini and its idyllic lifestyle!

  9. i was a real big fan of this movie.i loved summer lovers.and someday i will get to santorini greece.i thought about even buying a vacation home there.i am still considering the thought and idea.

  10. This movie dissent I am writing this from Santorini today, after planning to visit for over 30 years!! Can’t believe we are really here.

  11. The movie made me go there, fell in love with the island and the sea, which is strange for a guy from the Australian outback, met an American girl and had a wonderful 8 weeks of sun, sand and intimacy but alas it all came to and end, she went home and I went on alone, heartbroken and dejected All I know now is that I have a 31 yo daughter that I have never met and I don’t think I ever will. The things that happen on this island will both inspire and elude you, such is the magic of Santorini.

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