Stormy weather

As promised the latest post was ready to be posted on Thursday night…however the storm I went out to shoot was a bit more sever than we first realised here in Oia. The rest of the island got hammered pretty badly and there was considerable damage done. Power and obviously internet access was lost as was unsaved work at the time. Today I made several attempts to post the whole story again…the latest attempt being tonight…but alas it wasn’t to be…the whole post lost at the last minute through glitches (this time caused by WordPress). So we will try again for tomorrow…but in the meantime I thought I would show you some pics taken today in Fira (main town) and the effects of the mini-tornado that hit there last night during the storm….

There are a lot more to show you but we will save them for another day. The hassle of doing even this short post on WordPress at the moment I can’t even begin to describe to you (almost three hours for these three pics and three paragraphs) Hopefully I will have it all sorted out by tomorrow and post the rest of the stormy sunset photos…enjoy your Saturday !

3 responses to “Stormy weather

  1. wow — i’m so sorry you’ve had all these troubles – the fotos do look like the aftermath of a tornado – stay safe and watch out for those downed electric lines!

  2. Just to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated. It is good for us to know it is not always blue skies and calm waters. Take care.

  3. Enjoy your blog so much, and thank you for documenting stormy weather.
    Hopefully the community can band together to repair the damage. Apart from damage caused, I imagine it is quite beautiful, during a time where the island rests.

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