Oia Santorini – VespaCam: Oia Sunset

VespaCam :  you are riding around this magical island…you see something beautiful, you stop… “click”, back on the Vespa and vrooooommmm ! 


something like this for instance…

sunset1which on closer inspection looked like this…. how can you not take a picture ?

Btw…if you look closely the tiny dot in the sea is not dust on your screen, it’s a twilight sailing boat. Lucky people ;-)


4 responses to “Oia Santorini – VespaCam: Oia Sunset

  1. My wife and I did a sunset dinner cruise a few years ago (you know the tourist thing). It was a blast, and the sunsets are alway amazing on “the island.”

  2. Oh I am between jealousy & congratulations. I hate myself for being jealous. It’s so unproductive. Just walked in from the market, nice walk, in DC…thought about checking in here…sniff.

    Feeling hugely sorry for self. I slink back to lie down with dental-pain induced headache with my books about Santorini & Crete. Oh my. Will be back..

  3. OMW!! This is so beautiful! I think your island just made it to my list of places to visit one day! :-)

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