Oia Santorini – Dare to dream

So much has been written about people’s dreams in life. So much more will be written in the future. The gurus will sell books, the creatives will make us dream with movies, ads and images, the vendors will sell dreams and the masses will buy them. It’s one of the main forces in life.

For many a dream will remain nothing more than a wish. For others… escape. Many will dismiss their dreams as fantasy. Many will force themselves to stop dreaming and “just get on with life”. Others will not even allow themselves the sheer pleasure to dream and many more will be conditioned to think that dreaming is a “waste of time”.


I did NOT take this photo. I wish I knew the name of the wonderful photographer that did so I could give him/her credit.
But I have had it for so long I can’t even remember where I found it. I used to collect lots of images of Oia before I found the cave. I used to look
through my image files and dream of living there. But this image was powerful…I remember thinking I want to see this view every night…it made my dream real and it made me keep going.

People are funny about life dreams. Some declare them openly whilst others keep them deep inside them. The world…it seems, is not kind to dreamers. There is fear and hesitation in sharing your life dreams because we have all been curiously conditioned to think that dreams are an extravagance. They are a luxury that we can’t afford…if we are to believe the self-proclaimed “practical” types.

Yet…. without dreams we are nothing !

Dare to dream,
Because only by dreaming,
will you ever discover
who you are, what you want,
and what you can do.
– Julie-Ann Ford

If it wasn’t for the dreamers nothing of what we deem wonderful, incredible, artistic, insanely beautiful or insanely daring would ever have been accomplished. If it wasn’t for dreamers the world would be without so many of it’s treasures and human kind would be without most, if not all, of it’s greatest accomplishments. If it wasn’t for dreamers life as we know it simply wouldn’t be the same…

Yet…the world frowns. Parents, teachers, leaders and societies tell us that dreaming is wasteful…its meaningless, its not reality. As people we become conditioned to believe that dreams are somehow separated from “real” life and there is “little point in dreaming”. Try telling that to the folks at NASA or Disney or the Wright Bros, or Henry Ford, or Thomas Edison, or Ghandi, or Martin Luther King, or….

The negative conditioning is relentless…its all around us. Those that dare to step out of the “norm” are frequently chastised and ridiculed. The pressure to stay within the accepted boundaries is enormous and omnipresent. Conformity and commoditisation are the order of the day.

Yet…just imagine how boring and lifeless the world would be without dreamers….without the seemingly “crazy”, those that dared to dream and set out to make their dreams a reality. The explorers, the writers, the sculptors, the painters, the poets, the movie makers, the architects, the fashion & industrial designers, the builders of monuments, the engineers and Disney’s “imagineers”. Where would we be without them?

Its easy to scoff and ridicule and its far less time consuming to tell a child to “stop dreaming” than it is to sit down and share the dream, ask questions, try to see it through their eyes and offer your full support. Its much easier to find excuses, to procrastinate, to call others “lucky” or to not dare to dream. Its safer, its easier and its much less taxing to stay within one’s comfort zone. But to what end?

Moving to Oia was a dream…but by no means a grand dream. Hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) have moved and will move, all around the world every year. They are not “lucky”, they are not “special”, they are not “extraordinary”. They are just people who dared to dream and set about making their dream a reality. They worked hard, they suffered setbacks and they no doubt got frustrated  and disappointed along the way. But they did it. They took the steps, they took the risks, they took the setbacks and they kept going. Their lives may often look idylic… but only they know what it took to make it happen. The point is… they dared to dream!

If this blog and all the others like it, do nothing else but convince you to dream about how you want your life to really be… then they have collectively done a great thing. Anything that encourages people to have positive life dreams can only result in greater personal fulfilment.
In this blogger’s humble opinion there is no mystery to dreaming, its not a special skill that only the “lucky few” possess. Its a pleasure you should allow yourself and not feel guilty about. Dream often, dream vividly and dream freely….and teach your kids to dream BIG, one day they’ll thank you for it!

PS:  If some people can dream of flying, landing on the moon or building pyramids or the Eiffel Tower…surely we can dream of a better life !

8 responses to “Oia Santorini – Dare to dream

  1. Thank you for reminding us that dreams do come true…. I look forward to reading more of your posts and admiring your beautiful photographs.

    I was looking for inspiration and I think I just found it!

  2. With that beautiful photo and your beautiful words …I’m sure I will have the most beautiful dream tonight…Thank you for that..:-)

  3. I am too, working hard towards to realising that one dream. Too frequently the dream feels just that, that will never arrive. It has been a hard journey and will be so. But, thank you for your beautiful blog – it just reminded me to keep holding on until I get there, and dreams CAN be achievable when you don’t give up or give in to the norms. x

  4. What a great piece of writing about dreaming – and dreaming big! As a dreamer, I often experience many of the things you have written about – I am seen as ‘flighty’ and have even been called ‘ridiculous’ because I am so adament about living my life on my terms and working towards my dreams. Dreams are not only a joy to think about and work towards, but are a call to action from your heart, to pursue what it is that you know is your purpose or longing. I too dream of living on Santorini one day! I dreamt of travelling to Greece once when I was at the beginning of my University career and have now been there three times. Perhaps in 20 years (or less!) we will meet as neighbours in Oia.


  5. Santorini is an instant dream, and a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case more like a million. :)

  6. Yes, yes and yes! I am dreaming of moving to Santorini to write my book in one year. Just making my dream that much more public here : ) I just returned from Greece few days ago, completely in love with the country and its people. I admit, it is very hard to be back in the States now…

  7. i have a dream….i have a dream and almost a complete plan to move to Santorini, not complete but there is a plan, but then there is that one person that’s says something that has the domino effect and at the end i am left thinking “well maybe they are right? maybe i shouldn’t be doing this?”
    How do you know the difference between living for a dream that might come true or being so wrapped up in the hope of the dream that you don’t realize that your so wrong and dont see it?
    Is it enough for every part of me to wants and needs to be back on the island? Do i know its going to be hard not knowing anyone? yes, do i know its going to be hard living in a place where i will be on my own and have to work things out for myself? yes……but is that enough to make the dream and the urge to move, reality????
    I read and re-read the words that you have written over many many months and i do feel at ease and find some comfort from them, i thank you for that, but i do still wonder if the dream is worth the risk.

    • you are right to question your motives and you are right to not let the romantic “notion” of a dream be the main reason for doing what you are thinking of doing. You say you have a plan… does that plan include spending enough time on the island to really understand it “before” you commit? Have you been here during winter when the streets are empty and the music has stopped? Have you tried dealing with the local authorities to see if you have the stomach for it? Have you looked for work here, have you thought about where you would live and how you will get around?
      If your dream is ‘large’ enough – and what is the point of dreaming small (?) – then it’s owrth working for… if it was easy every man and his dog would be living on Santorini, or Tuscany, or Umbria or (fill in the space). There is risk in everything you do…every decision carries an opportunity cost. But you can work towards your dream… align your life to your dream, put in the effort and mitigate the risks as much as you can, learn about what it is that you are really going for… ‘then’ make the leap!

      Santorini is just a place… what you get out of it depends on what you bring to it ;/

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