tales of summer….. part I

It’s been a long hot summer… and it’s been quite some time since I wrote in the pages of this here notebook. But as the verse says… everyone does need a little time away.

It was always going to be an interesting summer, with all that’s happening around the world… and especially Greece. Most people here were pessimistic at the start of the season and a lot of tourists were no doubt anxious with all that was happening in Egypt and elsewhere. Alas…Santorini is not Greece and despite all that was going on hundreds of thousands of visitors came to the island and had a wonderful time.

As you know I like to take the odd photograph or three… but this summer I probably took more than normal, partly because there was a lot going on, but also because I started to really enjoy my photography once again…. after a short period of almost no photographs at all.

As I started to prepare for this return post I found myself looking through the photo archive and realised it has been a wonderful summer…. with lots of visitors and guests, family and friends. It’s been a long summer, a hot summer… but a summer full of new experiences, chance meetings, happy reunions and the start of many new friendships with people from all over the world. That’s the beauty of living on an island that is visited by people the world over…

But enough of my drivel, let’s look at some photographs and let them speak for themselves….

as always there were sunsets… lots of sublime sunsets, which were made
even more enjoyable because of the people we watched them with…

there have been many nights when the sun was really showing off…
luckily I was there to shoot it!

having a glass of wine in the evening with this happening in front of you…
will always be a humbling experience

on a nightly basis the island puts it’s magic spell on visitors… many
of whom will never forget the sunset they saw in Oia

it would have to be one of the most fantastic shows on earth…
and it’s different every night

there are sunsets all over the world of course…
but Oia has party tricks that no other place can match…

in fact… even for a person that lives here it often feels too surreal for words

and sometimes…. well, sometimes the show continues well into the night
because soon after sunset we have a full moon and very special things
happen in Oia on the night of a full moon…

the caldera puts on her fancy frock… and the beauty is blinding

it was on such a night that we had a great function for our visiting friends
from Subaru Australia…. held at the sublime terrace of the Red Bicycle
in Oia. Following a fantastic dinner we had an auction for one
of Allison’s hand painted table cloths from Aegean Designs…
all proceeds went towards the care of Oia’s stray animals.
The winning bid… 2,300 euro
Huge thanks to all those present on the night!

of course… those in the know are very aware that the best show is often
NOT at sunset… but at sunrise. The only problem is that most
visitors sleep through them and are oblivious of the majesty they
miss out on…

that’s not to say that during the day the view is shabby…
we don’t do “shabby” in Oia…

because… as you know by now, Oia is Oia…
the most picturesque village in the world  ; )

* * * * * * *

parts II  & III later this week…
pointers will be posted here and Facebook!


as I type this on the Mac,
I feel compelled  to express my deep sorrow…

“we are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is habit…”

Thank you Mr Jobs !

27 responses to “tales of summer….. part I

  1. It was worth waiting all these months as your pictures are fantastic as always and I can’t wait for parts 2 and 3.Good to have you back!

  2. Just simply…. thank you.

  3. Thanks for sharing Michael. Here and on FB. It is a win/win situation that you are getting back into your photography. In all photos of Oia I don’t recall seeing any solar panels. Are they prohibited or just in a discreet place?

  4. i’ve missed your blog posts M! already planning another trip. thanks for sharing your lovely village with us!

  5. From one of those new friends from around the world of which you wrote. Our dinners in Ammoudi Bay and at Santorini Mou, just amasing. Our sixth trip to Santorini was the best yet meeting you and Allison and taking in the best views in the world. When I leave, I can’t wait to get back. Thank you for taking all of your photos and sharing them so that I can feel like I am always there all the way from America.

    • Ann & Mark…. you guys were a pleasure… will post some pics of the professor doing his live gig at Santorini mou (they send their regards btw, we were there for their last night on Saturday). Hope to see you again soon !

  6. Have missed you, Michael…but have thought of you often. Your photographs are lovely…Looking forward to more. How great was that night when you auctioned off Allison’s handpainted cloth?! Wow.
    I’ve been doing alot of searches on Greece, recently. We shall see. If not this year, it will be soon after. Welcome back.

    • Catherine…. thank you for stopping by, Always a pleasure to see you here. I hope it all works out and you get to make it across…. our lunch is way overdue ; )

  7. Thank you for allowing me to remember the beauty of Santorini. I am one the the swimmers from Sydney who, whilst there enjoyed an amazing experience on and around the Island.
    The recipients of Allisons aprons were delighted. Looking forward to more posts

    • Jan great to hear from you… I’m still telling people that you guys swam around the island and they think I’m crazy lol…. next time I will tag along and take photos ; )
      Glad they all liked their presents… perhaps you should’ve kept a couple for yourself. Look forward to hearing about your next swim adventure !!

  8. Beautiful as always! Thank you. Good to have you back.

  9. Fantastic – more exciting vicarious travelling to Oia – thank you – post away!

  10. Oh my!!!! You are bringing back memories of a trip lonnnngg ago with my family … 1989? I loved it there. It felt like the top of the world … or heaven. I didn’t know which. Glad to hear you had lots of visitors. BEAUTIFUL photos!

  11. Oia is where my heart lives! Thanks Michael!

  12. Well, you’ve finally gotten to me. The skies in Oia say it all. There surely is no other place on earth with such beautiful skies. I’m telling my travel buddies that Oia is our next trip. Paris this past March, and let me know when it is fairly cool in Oia. I don’t think we can stand it too hot. Perhaps we could cruise around a little and maybe see Istanbul too since we are in the neighborhood, that is, if we can tear ourselves away from Oia.

  13. thank you for the great pictures. i hope one day i will be there to watch the beautiful moment like what you do..-from Malaysia-

  14. Hi I have just stumbled upon your blog and have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the photographs and your narrative. My late wife and I visited Oia whilst holidaying in Elounda and always promised that we would return. Alas that can never be but…………………………… Thank you

  15. I agree with the beauty of Oia. It’s very stunning! I visited the place just last week and it was the most relaxing place I’ve been. Sunset is indeed very special, esp if you have a Santorini wine with you (:

  16. I’m South American and I had the pleasure of visitin Santorini on Junly of 2011. Amazing! The greeks hospitality made me feel like at home. But I did not only fall in love with the place and the people, I also kinda fell in love with a waiter who worked down at Kamari beach. We hardly understood each other but managed to laugh alot anyways. Unfortunately, our lack of language made it hard to comunicate ways of getting in touch. I can’t believe I still think about him!! I blame it on Santorini :P

  17. Very happy to hear of a fundraiser for the stray animals. We visited Oia and ended up buying packages of meat for the stray dogs. One was injured and I remember staying up at night thinking about trying to help the little guy.

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