Summer Lovers

It was a just a small budget movie released in 1982. At the time the Greek Islands were already popular with young tourists from all over the world, but this silly little movie became a fantastic international commercial for the Greek tourism authority.

Read more and see photos of the Summer Lovers house today…. 

17 responses to “Summer Lovers

  1. Heard so much about your creativity from Alycia.

  2. I have to tell you have I been following your blog from afar for the last several monthes. In June 2009 my husband I were on Santorini. When we returned I discovered your blog. Not sure how I really found it but I like to think it was divine intervention. When “Summer Lovers” first came out, my Mom took me to see it. I must have only been 14-15 years old. But boy what an impression the movie made on me. I was too young to understand the “dynamic” relationships that were happening but the landscape captured my heart. Then, when I was in 11th grade, my best friend’s father went on sabbitical to Athens and I went to visit her for 2 weeks. We spent several days on Santorini. I turned 16 while on that trip. What an adventure. Greece has captured my soul ever since. I think I’ve been to Santorini 5 times in the last 20 years and I can sincerely say, my soul belongs to that island. There is some magic that has cast it’s spell on me and I simply can’t shake it. Ever since seeing that movie and spending time there, and of course falling in love there once in my late 20’s, I have dreamed of doing just what you are doing. It’s my dream, perhaps not to live there, but to spend an extensive amount of time on the island that I consider my personal paradise. I just wanted you to know how much I truly love the island, the magic and it’s beauty. Santorini captured my heart many years ago and it continues to pull at my soul daily. I hope that one day I am able do just what you are doing. For now, you are living my dream and I want to thank you for capturing and sharing a piece of the island you call home.

    • Hi Christa & welcome. That “movie” continues to amaze me… the amount of people that have commented how “that” movie was the start of their love affair with Santorini. Seems many have a dream of being here ever since. I hope you can live your dream one day and I hope you keep visiting till then. Thank you for your lovely comment… look forward to more from you ;-)

  3. I welcome! I am writing to you from Poland! Am I very interesting whether it is possible in the summer to rent the house in which lovers lived from the film? If you can write please. Of greeting from Poland Adam.

    • Hi Adam…
      the Summer Lovers house is now a shop during summer… so it’s not possible to rent it. But there are plenty of other houses/small hotels in the area… near this house. perhaps you can rent something near it ;-)

  4. paulette osborne

    in 1985, i spent almost 6 months in greece. my sons came over for 7 weeks. we were staying on mykonos and took a trip to santorini. it was magical to say the least. from the hotel owner who picked us up at the ferry to floating in the water between the cliffs of oia and the little island with the little church.
    i had seen the movie before but when we saw it outdoors in greece, we recognized places from both islands. wasn’t some of it filmed on mykonos?

  5. Hi, I am going to Oia in 3 weeks and my heart pounds every second I have left for these trip. I cant stop looking at pictures, websites, etc/ I am happy I stomped into your blog. How can I begin to describe what summer lovers did for me… I watched this film when I was 13, and it changed me, it changed me forever, my 13 years old mind was blown away, I discover Santorini!!! I went the 1st time with a friend when I was 22 yrs old, and I am returning now with the same friend after 18 yrs, ( yeap I am 40 ) and the last week I have watched the movie twice already, and it never fails to amaze me how it touches me, I think this movie is about all the things I love in life, honesty, music, vacations, relationships and OIA!!! I am happy I am going back… maybe that “one day” you talk about in your recent post will come?

  6. Summer Lovers is one of the most visually stunning movies made. I remember seeing it with friends so many years ago and ever since whenever it comes on I make sure to watch it from beginning to end. One day I will travel to the Greek Islands and bring back so many memories of that magical country and those awesome islands. I envy those who have lived my dream…

  7. I must concur above with Rhea & Christa, above.

    Like them I saw the movie, as a young teenager, circa ’83, and it, too, left an indelible impression upon me, for a plethora reasons. I was/am a huge Darryl Hannah fan, as well as Valerie Quennessen, whom had stared in another early classic, for me, “Conan The Barbarian”…..needless, to say, the cinematography and music in “Summer Lovers” were spelling binding.

    As others, my life took a number of turns in so many directions that I would have never for seen but at this stage, it has all come full circle.

    Though an American, I guess my islander/sea roots (Miami, Cuba, Basque Country) are ultimately prevailing, :) So now I am the millionth and one person you have heard this story and/or variation of… well, mate, from a future cave dweller in Miami!

  8. gene siskel, the late movie critic, referred to summer lovers as a guilty pleasure. i agree, and have to admit to watching it once every few years just to see shots of this beautiful island ;-)

  9. Toreh Bahrami

    Hi guys i share the same dream with most of you and have also seen that movie many many times…. I have been lucky that i have made a point to go to Oia every year for at least 2 to 3 weeks. I look forward to doing the same this year :-) by the way i have been trying so hard to find the song DREAMING from the part of the movie where the moms are coming up the hill on donkeys anyone has any ideas ??? would very much appreciate it !! I have tried everything and all the sites imaginable but no luck so far :-(

    • I take it you’ve tried to buy the whole soundtrack album ?? if the DVD is available I would assume that the soundtrack would be too !

  10. I was living in Greece when Summer Lovers was made–my daughter and I were extras–you can see her throw her arms around my neck as we both laugh in the outdoor movie scene that was filmed in Mykonos at the theater there. That was probably July or August of 1981–we moved from Mykonos to Oia in September of that year–into a cave house that faced south and had no running water and no electricity–we stayed there a year before moving to Athens. Those months on Santorini were surreal–from the midnight knock on the doors that revealed total strangers (French Maria and Greek Thanassis) come to inform us that the next day he would commence work on the window sills as Peter, my absent landlord, had arranged….to the night I returned home to find, Bob, a huge dog that had adopted us, shot dead on the roof of the cave. Bob’s buried in the schree down below Peter’s.

  11. Greek islands are magic! I’ve been in Santorini and Crete last year and I often dream with those beautiful places. I’ve watched “Summer Lovers” on tv, early in the ’90s and since that day I wished visit those incredible islands. I’ve been in the same places where Katty and Michael spent their holidays in the film. We climbed up to the old Thera by foot and visited Akrotiri too. I’ve known that Valerie Queensen helped to discover some archaeological pieces there too.

  12. I am another Christa from the US who saw the movie in 1982 while in high school. 32 years later my best friend(who saw the movie with me) and I are on Santorini as I write this! We have been panning this trip for 32 years and finally were able to make it happen. We went to Mykonos already and will follow with Crete. Eight glorious days on Santorini in between, all because we fell in love with Greece after watching the movie!

  13. Summer Lovers is one of my all-time favourite movies. I watch it about every three or fours times a year. Like everyone else has said, the beautiful cinematography, the music soundtrack, the cast, the story, etc. It was and still is an amazing movie! It a slice of time that is gone but I still love the movie which I saw in 1982 in the US midwest. I watch it and fantasize about going to Greece/Santorini/Mykonos one day. It would truly be a dream come true.

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