Oia Santorini – John & Molly… a love story

There are thousands that fall in love and come to Santorini…or come to Santorini and fall in love with each other and the place. Millions of people over the years have memories of this magical island and Oia could tell many love stories…if only she could. But not all lovers in this gorgeous village are visitors. There is a special love story thats home grown.


JohnMeet John. If John was human he would be a fine gentleman…very proper, probably wearing a bow tie for afternoon tea.


molly1This is Molly. A precocious female… very alert, self-assured and not afraid to mix it with anyone.

John & Molly are strays in Oia, two of many dogs that call Oia home without belonging to anyone in particular. How they met is a mystery, but there is no doubt in any local’s mind that somehow these two dogs have formed one of the most loving and close relationships on the island.

As is the case with many long lasting human relationships the two of them are total opposites. John is shy, introverted and very quiet. Molly on the other hand….well, lets just say that Molly would be a Hollywood starlet if she was human. She is tough, loud, obnoxious at times, will chase and bark at anything and anyone. But she is also sweet and playful and she knows how to be the absolute centre of attention.

The two of them spend all day, every day together. At times one may wonder off while the other sits quietly…waiting. John will follow Molly around the village and they will pose for photographs or visit their favourite places to be fed by locals. In summer food is plentiful and the couple live comfortably, but winters are harsh and they often adopt a local home as their own for the entire winter season.

They do all the things that couples do together:

john & molly 1they go for walks and check out the neighbourhood …

JM&Aplay with the kids…


J&Mroofor they will sit on our roof at sunset….


and check out the view below…just as any couple does in Oia



or they will find a cushion and relax at sundown…


J&Msleeptwo years ago while the cave was being renovated during winter, I let them stay inside… John always staying very close to her!


J&MbedYou would never believe these are homeless wild dogs. They roam the cliff-face and sleep in abandoned caves when they have to.
But this is a loving couple by any definition and we are all very glad they have called Oia their home.


5 responses to “Oia Santorini – John & Molly… a love story

  1. oh my…they’re so adorable ! and John definitely seems to behave like a gentleman!
    what a sweet love story….

  2. I have wonderful memories of the dogs & cats on Santorini. This is so sweet & totally the sort of thing I witnessed. Hope things are going well.


  3. What a wonderful love story!

  4. I rememer the wonderful and really BIG dogs in Oia when we visited in 2007 . I wish I had looked out for these two.
    What a lovely story. Hope they are well. Thanks for sharing. Just a warm happy feeling that all of us dog lovers feel when we see a happy one.
    Send us an update!

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