Monthly Archives: August 2010

on a hot August night…

Every year on the 15th of August I have a quiet glass of wine with family and friends… partly because it’s almost always a hot august night, but also because I am another year older.

This year it was no different… except now days the quiet wine is usually had at my favourite taverna… watching what many call the best sunset anywhere.

It was certainly a hot August night… in fact every night this August has been hot. The “meltemi” winds did not appear in late July as always… and the island got hot, very very hot. This means people spending all day at the beach and going out at night after sunset. The tavernas, bars & cafes filling up and the buzz of summer echoing through the whole village.¬†For the casual visitor it is the only way they know Oia… but for me it is a welcome sight after months of winter and relatively quieter spring. Seeing happy, relaxed, tanned people enjoying romantic dinners by the water is what island life is all about . You know that each table has it’s own story to tell… each couple or group of friends having planned this holiday for months and often for years. They are finally here… Oia Santorini, at sunset. You can feel the magic in the air…