Santorini winter…(the one you have when you don’t have a winter)

“Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail” they say…. and if that is the case then we are in for an interesting March…. but for now, we are still enjoying what has turned out to be a glorious winter on Santorini & Southern Greece in general. A winter like this really highlights the immense beauty of this island…. the special, softer sun light bathes the landscape and highlights the lush color thats resulted from the considerable rain we had late last year. The sugar-coated houses offer a photographer a completely different glow in winter and so does the caldera itself. The blue of the water is different… darker and more mysterious, as is the sleeping volcano itself. Winter sunlight reflects off the lava in a way that saturates the black shiny rocks and makes them look very dark purple. Then of course there is the blissful silence. You can walk for an hour in Oia… and other than the odd dog bark, you will hear “nothing”. Chances are you will not see anyone either of course…. which makes it even better to take your time and walk around with your camera, select your shots and not have to worry about thousands of tourists getting in your way.

unmistakable Oia…..


the simplicity of a roof top garden in Oia


a quiet moment with Alessi…


glorious light and sublime images…


I am sorry about the delay on this post….partly because I’m suffering from terrible flu at the moment…and partly because I had to post this more than a dozen times before wordpress decided to accept it without crashing….just what you need when your head is throbbing and your nose running. There are many more photos from our Sunday morning walk…hopefully will post them later this week. M

3 responses to “Santorini winter…(the one you have when you don’t have a winter)

  1. Beautiful post and photos. You have no idea how much I miss my sultry sun-kissed Santorini right now. I am in the midst of winter, snowflakes, fires and hot cocoa. But if I close my eyes… I can feel the sand beneath my toes, taste the sweet honey soaked baklava, hear the lovely songs of the swallows and smell the aroma of a strong cup of greek coffee. All of these tempt my senses while I watch the sun play hide and seak with the clouds over the caldera. The ever changing winds making patterns in the sea. This is one of many, many Santorini thoughts that float through my mind daily. And I love every one of them. Thanks for sharing what is outside your window. It always makes my day.

  2. Ah . . . for your kind of winter Michael! I hope you are feeling better soon! At least you have a wonderful place to be . . . while not feeling tip top. Take care! Carol

  3. Get well soon, M! No place is a good place when you’re feeling bad – but Oia looks to be better than most. You’ve described the perfect time of year for me to visit…but it would be hard to predict how the weather would turn. I would love to be there when it as blue as in your photos and with no tourists. Have been thinking alot about Greece lately. Perhaps it’s because spring is coming…and Easter, which you know I love. I get alot of hits from Greece – somehow they find my feast on G-images.
    Take care – I never forget about you in your cave there. Best to the family –

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