think different…

The case for seeking to live an inspired life !

My argument is simple. YOU and I are snowflakes. We are 1 in 6 billion. SIX BILLION. We are… each of us, totally unique. We are (depending on your beliefs) the result of billions of years of evolution. We are the rulers of our planet. We are capable of the most amazing creativity… the most incredible ingenuity, the most remarkable innovation. We are capable of passion, compassion, vision and reason. We have the unique capability to think unlike any other creature on this planet.

We live in paradise. It doesn’t matter where on earth we live…. WE ALL LIVE IN PARADISE. If you doubt me, go outside tonight and look up. From all the billions of stars and planets, the galaxies and solar systems you see and even beyond…. there is nothing like earth (not that we know of anyway). The universe as we know it is a barren, climatically hostile, inhospitable place for humans. There is nothing out there that could even sustain life as we know it… let alone offer all the incredible pleasures that we take for granted on planet earth.

So then…in recognising our uniqueness, our individual and collective brilliance, our ability to reason and make our own choices… our ability to make a difference for ourselves and others, our power to determine our own destiny – unlike any other creature on this planet – my question is as simple as the argument itself:

what is the point ?

What is the point in having all of the above and wasting it on a mundane life? What is the point of being capable of miracles if we are not going to try and achieve miracles. What is the point of our vision if we are not going to dream? What is the point of seeing and accepting yourself as ordinary… when the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that you are… as a fellow human, an “extraordinary” creature ? What is the point of wasting all that you are capable of by feeling miserable and sorry for yourself… when you could be out there exploring the limits of your capability, experiencing all that this paradise planet has to offer and achieving things that others consider impossible.

What is the point of waiting for your doctor to give you “bad” news before you decide to live life to it’s fullest? What is the point of blaming others for your inability to make the decisions that will change your life and enable you to live your dreams? What is the point of not making the conscious decision to replace “should” and “could” with “can” and “will”?  What is the point of wanting one thing… and yet allowing your life to be completely out of alignment with your dream?

If I’ve had one email… I’ve had a thousand. All from people all over the world who tell me that it is their dream to live on an island (if not Santorini), or in a cave, or in Italy, France, the Pacific islands, the desert etc etc etc. My question is “well… what are you doing about it?”

There is little point…. make that NO point (at least in my mind), in living a boring, mundane life… when we are all capable of living extraordinary lives. Inspired lives. We all have what it takes. We just need to want it…to change our mindset and to believe we can !

“the people who are crazy enough…
to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do”


Note:  Apologies to the 30 or so people that had left a comment on this post prior to it becoming a separate “Page”…in the process all previous comments were lost. This has happened with most of the Pages listed on the front of the blog… it’s a quirk of WordPress that can not be avoided once you decide to turn a particular post into an actual Page… M

4 responses to “think different…

  1. Inspiring thing to wake up to! I am no genius and I certainly haven’t done anything to change the world…apart from enter it, of course, but I am a square peg in a round hole and I have made a concerted effort to ensure I live the life I love with as little harm/upset to those around me as possible. This was a good one!

  2. Bravo! I have read your “about” introduction and you are more than inspiring. I look forward to further posts . The collective goal for us all should not be to follow your remarkable journey but to create our own. A zillion THANKS

  3. AWESOME! I love your blog and am so in awe of how you’ve CHOSEN to expend your time and energy in pursuing your dreams. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing them with us. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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