Real men don’t blog (redux…)

Given that this little blog has been going for several years… it occured to me that there are some posts which new readers will never find in the archives. So I’ve decided to revisit some of these… the one’s that enjoyed writing and give them a second chance in the spotlight…. a redux apprearance.

“Real men dont blog” was a post that I enjoyed writing and have enjoyed the many dozens of emails I have received from readers (men & women) about this topic. It seems that the kind of conversation that prompted me to write it in the first place…is still raging all over the world and there is STILL no concensus on the matter (don’t really expect there ever will be).

So I found the old post, dusted off the cobwebs and now it’s ready for prime time once again. Hope you enjoy it and would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what is a “real man”  ; ))  .. M ..

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6 responses to “Real men don’t blog (redux…)

  1. and oldie but a goodie !….the post, of course, not you…
    incidentally yesterday, i found a new line of cupcakes created for “real men” by the “butch bakery” in New York, so you have beer flavor, with a camouflage icing and this kind of stuff…meant for…real men..gloups…
    Happy spring, dear Michael !

  2. Always a good topic. ;-)

    Now, do real women blog?

    • hmmm how about you do a guest post on the topic Merisi…. give us the book-end post to “Real men…” ; )

  3. Caro Michael,

    D’accordo! That post was a good one. You alway seem to hit the nail on the head. Engaging, intriguing! Real men do (have the courage to) blog , Michael. You’re the proof! Bacione, Ingrid from a hot Umbria

  4. Paulette Osborne

    why can’t i open the blog about the cliff side walk to oia collapses??

    • Paulette for some reason WordPress will not publish the text…only the headline. Have been trying to correct this since very early this morning to no avail. Will keep trying. Apologies to all the readers…. I think its time to move this blog to a more stable platform ; (

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