Oia Santorini… winter images of a village in hibernation

Thousands of daily visitors, hundreds of tour buses, sunset watchers, cruise ships… it’s non-stop cabaret for Oia during the long hot Greek island summer.

But then… comes winter. The village exhales. Serenity replaces chaos. Total and complete quiet takes over and the village rests. It slides into a familiar hibernation from which it will awake in late February. It’s a time to think, to contemplate, to walk alone and to listen to the voices inside you.

It’s a beutiful time…. in the world’s most beautiful village. Enjoy ; )




2 responses to “Oia Santorini… winter images of a village in hibernation

  1. M – I am enviously picturing Oia waking up – getting ready for the madness and mayhem that is summer – along with the amazing colours, purest light of all and every image postcard-perfect. Wishing you and your family Καλό καλοκαίρι Francesca

  2. Hello M :-)
    got here as I was searching about new years eve in santorini and then that post where you talk about hypnosis and loosing the wedding guests – that had me in splits.. i had to read that to my husband and look at me, its me who is still trying to convince him that we must go there and welcome the new year from this beautiful place.

    browsing thru your posts at the mo, will be sending you message when I need more information.. ok?


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