Michael’s law…

There is a law for everything it seems… and almost everything has a law that governs it. The universe has laws, societies have laws,  computers have laws
and so does human behavior. This last one is a tricky one of course… it’s ever evolving and it can be very random at times. But nevertheless there are laws for human behavior as well…. and it’s occured to me that we need to add another one to the list. This one is really a sign of the times… and henceforth it shall be known as Michael’s Law …. which states:

You don’t do anything important in your life…
unless you Google it first !

Let’s face it… it’s a fact. Whatever you want to do, need to do, dream of doing… of any real importance in your life, chances are you will Google it first. You will search, explore, compare, become informed…. and THEN, and only THEN,  you will act. True?

You don’t have to answer that…. if you are a person in any developed country, almost  anywhere in the world, you will Google things at least half a dozen times a day…. or if you’re like me it will be many more than that. It’s a verb for God’s sake… it has become an essential part of everyday life. So in my mind… my argument stands. Michael’s Law is valid. “You do NOT do anything important in your life unless you Google it first.”

Now…as you know, I am a cave dweller. I live on a small island… which, some would say, is quite pretty. It’s an island that a lot of people visit every year and an even larger number wan to visit and a far greater number dream of visiting.
So…. given Michael’s law, a lot of people Google Santorini every day looking for whatever it is they are looking for. But as I said earlier…. humans are random little creatures and by association… so are their Google searches.

Over the past two years that this little blog has been going there have been many search terms that have surprised, entertained, ammused and in some cases… left me with that WTF look on my face…. you know the one !

People follow patterns for the most part… you know what I mean by that. Views, hotels, sunsets, weddings etc etc etc…. all the boring stuff.

But then…. I have my “random” friends and it’s THEM that I love reading.
Over the years there have been some classics, many of which I have now forgotten… but there are some I want to share with you. (Please keep in mind that these are ACTUAL search terms that were registered on the blog…  they were not made up for the sake of this post).

There are the searches that are very specific:

–  how far is Santorini from Greece
–  is there a ferry from Santorini to Oia
–  how far is Oia from Santorini

ok….. so obviously these are people who have heard of Santorini, but have never been here or know too much about it…. which is fair enough.

But then it gets curiouser and curiouser….

–  hope all is well with have a happy easter Santorini   –  (huh? who Googles that?)
–  how do peanuts grow in santorini
–  luckiest homes in santorini    –  (whattttt ?????)
–  donkey geece satorini    –  (hmmmm…ok )
–  how do I make dreams about Santorini     – (ahmmmmmm????)
–  how to live cheap on Santorini     – (that one is actually rather  sane compared         to the others)
–  what do you eat in Santorini    – (as opposed to….?)

these are only a glimpse…. and I mean a “tiny” glimpse, of the kinds of things that I see daily on the blog search lisitng. I know that for some English is not their first language… but  “how do I make dreams about Santorini”  kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it ???

Then there are the really special ones… like this:

– “How to hypnotize my wife while on holiday in Santorini”

yep, this is a real search folks…. this man wanted to learn how to hypnotize his wife while on holidays in Santorini. Am I missing something???
Can someone please explain that one to me???

Then… there is my all time favorite search relating to the thousands of weddings that take place every year on this island:

–  “How do I lose my wedding guests in santorini”

you have to feel sorry for the poor schmuck…. he is obviously getting married in paradise, with seemingly a cast of thousands…so to speak. God only knows what was going through the man’s (although it could’ve been a woman) mind… but you have to feel for him/her.

But the all time winner/loser… has to be:

– “does volcano blow in july”


You don’t do anything important in your life…
unless you Google it first !

please don’t tell me Michael’s Law is not real !

Goodnight from the cave ; )

7 responses to “Michael’s law…

  1. Good day Cave Dweller! (:
    I had a really big question for you and favor. , probably in my lifetime, will never see Santorini, not because I don’t want o but by the time I get my chance at taking a vacation Air Canada will be charging a million dollars for fuel tax. I’mm probably just get an opportunity to go see the blue waters of Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta. Ok, anyway, that’s besides the point. lol
    I wanted to find out of you can take a picture in RAW of the gorgeous view from your patio there so that I can make a mural out of it to put up on one of my empty walls.Let me know what you think. Your profile picture is beautiful and i’m trying to recreate Santorini on my walls. Thank you! Be blessed….

  2. I am happy to say that I will visiting Oia in May. “Visiting” may be a bit of an exaggeration, it’s your basic 20 stops in 12 days tour of Turkey and Greece that is sponsored by my daughter’s college, and Oia is one of the stops. Still, it has long been one of my dreams to visit Greece and in particular Santorini. The trip is my daughter’s graduation present and my wife is sending me along because it may be the only opportunity I ever have to see Santorini. (Chaperoning our daughter and being a walking ATM may also have something to do with it.) Even if it’s only for a few hours, it will be a dream come true.

  3. I am HOWLING with laughter. That is hysterical! It reminds me of the lists Johnny Carson would read of incomplete sayings that they would ask children to complete. I wrote them down once and still have the list somewhere. Here is one I remember: Out of the mouths of babes…..comes spit. Hahahaha!

    • C – I don’t think I ever saw that clip… but remember Carson fondly, a great wit…. used to love the mindreader dress up, holding the envelope to his forehead…

      Tim – as a man with three daughters…your “walking ATM” line speaks to me ; )

      Ms LimeChip – we should be able to get you something soon ; )

  4. Hey there!
    This is your best blog from long time, thanks for laugh Michael :)

  5. Happy Easter Santorini could refer to a last name (Greek American?). ;-)

    I have only lately – since Blogger makes Stats part of the package – started looking at the search words. Nothing funny there. Could be that they show me only the first dozen or so most frequently used ones.

    Happy Easter,