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Oia Blue

“Within the circuit of this plodding life
There enter moments of an azure hue,”

                                                                Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Blue represents serenity, truth and harmony. Its arguably one of the most soothing colours. It is said that blue’s lighter hues can reduce stress and tension. It represents tranquility and calm. On the Greek islands it is used extensively and when it contrasts against the seemingly sugar-coated, whitewashed walls of village houses, it can bring about synesthesia (the neurological phenomenon where one sense triggers involuntary experiences in one or more other senses). Your eyes see an image and your skin starts to feel it….you smell it, you hear it. Your mind begins to associate things that you had never before thought of together. It creates three dimensional images and it becomes a multi-sensory experience.

In Oia….the view at times can be so overwhelming that I have often watched couples sit at a cliff-top cafe and say “nothing” to each other for the first twenty minutes. They just look….trying to take it all in. They go into their own space….. the imagery daring their mind to believe that its real. In front of them is a scene that represents the raw, savage power of nature’s rage (the past explosions of the volcano) and the sublime results that are today’s blue caldera and the high cliffs surrounding it.

Some just sit there for hours and stare, others discuss the unique Greek Island light, the colour of the sea, the architecture, the history.

Some talk about how long they have waited to be here….how long they have dreamed of this moment, after years of mind-travelling.

Some write poetry….

All take photos…..with their cameras, but also with their minds. Mutli-sensory photos. With paranormal “vision” (seeing beyond the capability of the eyes).

The colour blue will for ever have a different meaning for them. It will remind them of that special morning when they just sat and looked…in awe !!!




Lotza cafe – Oia


Deep Blue


Have you ever had a multi-sensory experience looking at a view?  

If you’ve visited Oia….what do you feel when you see images of it now?

Love to hear your thoughts… ;-)