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Oia Santorini – Autumn Serenity

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”

To many of you the colours, the landscapes, the empty paths and the darkened skies may seem melancholic.

To me… they seem blissfully serene.

Together with what I believe to be the most sublime single-instrument music ever written playing in the background… allow me to take you into my world for just a few minutes.

Relax & enjoy !

(if you have trouble watching it here you can also see it on YouTube here

These images were shot by me this past week.
The weather has suddenly turned, the skies are dark
and the wind is howling outside.
But inside the cave it is blissfully quiet. Soft music, candlelight…..


SD headr

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” Respect “

To those of you that sent emails & messages of support regarding the “Respect – power of one” post / project… I thank you !
If you missed the post you can read it here.

In case you missed it in the above video the images below are my “respect’ photos from Oia. More than a million people a year
will see these couple of words written in crayon.


respect2Both of these are on the way to the sunset viewing spots in Oia.
It is such a small act… with such a huge message.

I hope you can join us and spread the word…. and the message !

I look forward to getting your own “respect” photos, as well as
your Santorini Dreaming essays soon.

Best from Oia … M


Call it Autumn… call it Fall


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 

~Albert Camus

Call it Autumn… call it Fall.  
It’s my favorite season of them all.
And it’s here!

That most special of seasons has arrived on Santorini and in case anyone had somehow missed the occasion… nature decided to put on a little show to remind us.



It was 6.30am and suddenly the mist starting gliding into the caldera like floating silk .


Within seconds the fort was almost shrouded… 


and the small island had all but disappeared in the rolling mist.


Within 20 minutes almost the entire island was being hugged by a thick blanket of soft white silk.

Somewhere under the cloud is the island’s main town of Fira… but on this day it was the first autumn mist that was going to be the star of the show and what a majestic show it was. Autumn is here and the end of the season is near. The low hugging mist was like a veil being slowly pulled across the island… a sign that the extreme summer heat was over. The air was filled with moisture and I was thrilled that the island would soon be again quiet and peaceful.

Autumn is a fantastic time to be on Santorini… as is Spring. The light changes and the island colours change with it. Its as if the island breaths a sigh of relief and so do the people on it. For me… it’s a sigh of anticipation. The wonders of autumn, winter and spring are ahead. This magical landscape will once again weave it’s magic and no doubt produce sights and sounds that will amaze and astound me.

Quiet solitude and sublime images ahead. I hope you will join me and keep me company during winter ;-)