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Oia wedding… an evening to remember

There are thousands of weddings on Santorini every year… people from all over the world dream about getting married on this magical island. They come to experience the mystical landscape and the mesmerising vistas … their visit often fulfilling a life-long dream. Hundreds of thousands of photos get published annually… but it’s very rare that you would get a glimpse of a “local” wedding… especially an “Oia local wedding”.  Lucky for you your friendly cave dweller happened to attend one last weekend…..

as you would expect Oia put on a splendid showing for one of it’s
favourite sons… looking stunning in the autumn sunlight!


the young couple chose a tiny church that is perched high on the cliff…
with a view that would make every woman gasp/cry/sigh… all at once!

the bonbonniere (“koufeta” in Greek) were all ready for the guests…


and the tiny church was decorated simply and elegantly…
for it’s part in the fairytale…


suddenly the young couple appeared…being led into the church by the
groom’s brother and his fellow musician…


the ceremony in the tiny but truly beautiful church was understated & elegant…
a fitting simplicity in such a traditional island-village setting

rice & rose petals await the happy couple as they exit the church…

as if in total harmony with the proceedings Oia put on one of it’s best
autumn sunsets…making the view from the church courtyard
absolutely breathtaking


the happy couple emerges to a chorus of cheers…


and a cloud of rice and rose petals…


you’d have to agree with me… one of the advantages of getting married in Oia
is that you don’t have to go far to have a sublime setting for your family wedding pics… no??


by all accounts the happy couple danced the night away at the family home till 5am… long after your correspondent was catching zzzzzzz’s in his cozy cave ; ))


Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of a “local” wedding… a rare privilege indeed in this tiny community perched high on the Santorini cliff face…..my best wishes to these lovely people and sincere thanks for allowing us to share the event with them !!!

PS: before you send emails… I DO NOT organise/plan weddings… I DO NOT know how you can book the little church or the priest or the florist. So there… Actually… correction… I do know how you can contact the florist. But that’s IT !

PPS: Hi to all the blog readers that dropped by to say hello during summer…
; )))

Autumn sunset fantasia

This post was started yesterday and was going to look quite different. You see… as we always do after stormy weather, we went collecting driftwood. It’s amazing what we find on the western side of the island after storms… some of the driftwood is like work of art. As always we went early morning on Sunday. This post was going to be all about that…

Searching for driftwood…

Alessi shoots the shooter !

But then… this evening (Monday), as I was writing this post – using the driftwood pics from Sunday – I was told to “look outside…quick”.

I did…… & this is what I saw !

these are real colours…

bit more to the right to take the fort (blog column not wide enough)

only so much you can do with the little Pentax… but the close up looks dreamy,
don’t you think?


PS: For the unidentified commenter “One of your readers”…. in answer to your question,  I would love to know why you would want to submit an essay but not want to win.

PPS: To all those who thought I was being harsh towards the procrastinators…you’re wrong. I’m guilty of it myself, so I can hardly chastise others. However…I still believe it is a debilitating condition and I suspect it robbed some people of  an opportunity to  be in the contest with a chance of winning. Big topic this one…perhaps a separate post !

PPS: More essays on Wednesday & the “Living with purpose” post still needs work ;-)

ALSO… if you haven’t seen them already, there are more “Respect” photos on the page… hope you can take a look and leave a comment for those who took time to try and make a difference in this world. If you happen to live in a large city (NYC, London) or anywhere for that matter… I would LOVE to see some “Respect” photos from you.

Oia Santorini – Autumn Serenity

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”

To many of you the colours, the landscapes, the empty paths and the darkened skies may seem melancholic.

To me… they seem blissfully serene.

Together with what I believe to be the most sublime single-instrument music ever written playing in the background… allow me to take you into my world for just a few minutes.

Relax & enjoy !

(if you have trouble watching it here you can also see it on YouTube here

These images were shot by me this past week.
The weather has suddenly turned, the skies are dark
and the wind is howling outside.
But inside the cave it is blissfully quiet. Soft music, candlelight…..


SD headr

In case you haven’t noticed… there is only a week left for you to submit your essay.
Don’t allow yourself to miss out because you procrastinated or thought “you couldn’t win”.
Make the effort. Trust me… it will be worth it .

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” Respect “

To those of you that sent emails & messages of support regarding the “Respect – power of one” post / project… I thank you !
If you missed the post you can read it here.

In case you missed it in the above video the images below are my “respect’ photos from Oia. More than a million people a year
will see these couple of words written in crayon.


respect2Both of these are on the way to the sunset viewing spots in Oia.
It is such a small act… with such a huge message.

I hope you can join us and spread the word…. and the message !

I look forward to getting your own “respect” photos, as well as
your Santorini Dreaming essays soon.

Best from Oia … M