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“Santorini dreaming” essays – enter now !

dream quote 1


It all started as an idea over dinner… to make someone’s dream come true. Since then there have been many phone calls, meetings and discussions about how, where and when. I have given you glimpses of the hotels and have outlined what you have to do to enter.

You have waited patiently for this final overview of the conditions of entry and prize listing… so here it is !

Ahem… we have to sound all official now:


Grand prize

5 nights accommodation for two on Santorini:

2 x nights at “Volcano View Villas” 

3 x nights at “Andronis Luxury Suites” in Oia

(Please note: the grand prize does NOT include airfares to Greece. Accommodation will be provided between June 15th – July 15th 2010… exact dates to be confirmed at the time the winner is announced)

The winner will also enjoy:

– a romantic dinner for two

– wine tasting at Santo wines

– dinner at Ammoudi (Oia)

– Aegean Designs gift 

We are also arranging many other surprises which will make your stay on Santorini very memorable. You will see and experience things that most visitors never do and you will meet many of the locals in Oia. But most of all… you will have the time to enjoy yourselves in one of the world’s most beautiful villages, on arguably the world’s most dramatic & romantic island… staying in two of the very best hotels it has to offer.

The two runners up will also receive gifts from Aegean Designs as well as discount vouchers from the two participating hotel sponsors.

Conditions of entry 

 An essay of under 1000 words will need to be submitted via email to:

oiadweller at yahoo dot com

Entries will be accepted from Friday 9th October 2009 – Monday 9th November 2009.

Please note that depending on volume received Oiasantorini.com reserves the right to post/publish any or all of the submitted entries.

The winner will be announced on Friday 20th November 2009.


I hope this is all taken in the spirit it was meant. This is not a commercial competition by multinational travel agencies. It was put together so that all of you would get a chance to actually articulate your dream holiday on Santorini and a couple of you will get an opportunity to live your dream. It was done in the hope that the whole process will make you think about the kind of things you would love to do, see and experience on your dream holiday on Santorini. You will be doing what millions of people around the world only ever dream about…

For my part I very much look forward to reading your essays and being transported into your vision. I also look forward to spending some time with the winners, enjoy showing through you my little village… maybe watching a sunset and sharing a nice dinner by the water  ;-)

It has taken a lot of work to arrange this… now it’s my turn to sit back and let you put your dreamweaver talents to work. 

Good luck to all !


PS: there will be a special “Santorini dreaming” page set up for all information and related posts… please check it for updates and latest information 




Santorini dreaming… romantic essays

Imagine you’re a kid at school. A special guest is introduced by your teacher… someone who is here to tell you about making your dreams come true. He stands out the front and smiles at everyone. He then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a 10 dollar note and holds it up… saying “who wants this?” 

What would you do?

There are several possibilities. You will sit still and watch, or you will put your hand up like a good student, you may even yell out “I want it”. But the man still holds the note in his hand…still smiling silently. You look around you and everyone seems to suffer from the same hesitation… not sure what to do, not sure what is expected, not wanting to be un-cool, not wanting to seem desperate, not wanting to seem “wanting”. You feel frozen, the pressure of the situation has you confused….”what will others think if I went out there?”  Then suddenly there is noise to your left…

A girl walks to the front of the class… reaches up and takes the 10 dollar note from the man’s hand. He looks at her with a big smile… asks what her name is, “Ann” she replies… holding the money in her hand.

“Can you make me a promise Ann?” he says looking in her eyes….”can you promise to come and see me the day you finish university?
You are exactly the kind of person I want working with me ! ”

This of course has happened many times in many schools… I have done it myself with my kids. Most kids just look… frozen, self-conscious, shy, hesitant. But there is Ann. She dares… and she wins.

As adults… how many chances have we let slip through our fingertips by being hesitant, shy, coy, or simply afraid to try?  

I don’t have a $10 note to hold up… but I have this to show you and it’s worth a whole lot more:



and this…




and finally this…



this is the villa where the winner will spend the first two days of his/her dream holiday. It has it’s very own
private pool and a view that will make you think you are living in another world… living in a dream ;-)


But that’s the paradise you will inhabit in the first two days. After that you will move to my village. The village of Oia… and you will stay
at another hotel which will also make you pinch yourself to believe you are really there. There will be photos of that hotel on Wednesday, but let me just show something very special from it. Take your time looking at this… because this my friends, is where you will have your romantic dinner on your first night there. Have you ever…ever, seen anything like this in your life?


Seated by candle light 300m above sea level… overlooking the blue caldera and the cliffs of Oia.
If there is a better spot to have a romantic dinner… please tell me ;-)


All you have to do is tell us your Santorini dream in a 1000 words or less. It may be about a night or nights you have spent here already, or night/s you have always dreamed about spending here. Tell us what it means to you and tell us what you see in your mind’s eye.
Tell us your dream !


Submissions can be sent starting this Friday via email to::  oiadweller at yahoo dot com

So…. have you been thinking?

Will you keep on thinking or do something about it?