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the mellow season…

Autumn is a funny season… instead of the frantic pace of the more vibrant spring… autumn is much more mellow. The pace is easier and nature seems to be in no hurry. Everything seems to move in a slower motion to early spring. Even the leaves take their time to slowly change their colours and then…fall patiently. There is no hurry in autumn. Even the weather seems in no hurry to suddenly change. One day it’s cloudy… the next day it’s sunny again. The special autumn sunshine has inspired many a wordsmith and many a verse has been written about the stillness of autumn.

“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.”
–   Elizabeth Lawrence

On my small island autumn is a favourite season for many reasons… not the least of which is the “light”. There is no better time of the year to take photographs in my opinion. The light is soft…gentle. It makes the scenery seem serene… at ease.

“O suns and skies and clouds of June,
and flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October’s bright blue weather”

But autumn can also be moody… bright sunshine can give way to dark clouds.. rolling in like a thick blanket. The scenery it creates here is beyond words.
Even Rex had to sit in quiet contemplation !

The steps to Ammoudi are no longer filled with tourists… only the village dogs.

The sunset restaurants are still busy… but the pace is different. people linger all afternoon instead “running” to catch the sunset. There is no hurry in autumn.

This bride and her groom would have been trampled on if this was August… but it’s not. It’s October… and they can relax. Although if you notice the difference in clothing between the bride and the gent with the jacket you would know that this bride probably wishes it was August…

The very next morning the colours were very different again… but no less sublime. The dark skies a reminder that the season of change is upon us. A welcome change from the unrelenting heat of summer and the seemingly infinite number of tourist buses. Autumn takes care of all that… in a gentle and seemingly effortless way. The mellow season has it’s own way..with everything & every one!

* * * * *

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Santorini – the zen of Fall

Spring may be the season for celebrating life… but fall/autumn is the season of romance and love. In Spring you want to run on hill tops and explore nature… but come fall/autumn you want to take slow, long walks and be reflective, tender, romantic. If spring is zooom… then fall is zen.

There is just something about fall (I don’t want to keep mentioning fall & autumn so we’ll stick with fall). I think it is the mystical season. Summer finishes and suddenly things change… beginning with the light. Suddenly there is a haze in the mornings, the light is softer and everything seems to look more real. The harsh summer light gives way to a softer glow that brings out the more natural colours of everything. In Santorini… Fall is even more special because although we don’t have the gorgeous trees that many of you have all over the world, we have this little pond… called the caldera.

If you are like me and believe that fall is the “zen” season… and you agree with me that there is something mystical about this island and especially about the caldera… then you would be deliriously happy to be on Santorini during this magical season. Whilst the weather is still fine we’ve had several glimpses of fall and all the mystical wonders it has to offer.


calm before the storm…



visual zen…


 balcony view of stormy weather,
romantics rejoice…



the heavens took pity on the ships…


fall sunset

fall sunset …


The zen of the Fall indeed !

What do you think?




Only been a couple of cloudy days this fall, but already the colour of the light and the water, as well as the island, are changing. The blue is bluer than ever and the water…well the water just looks surreal. Don’t believe me? Pop by on Friday… you’ll see what I mean ;-)



Call it Autumn… call it Fall


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 

~Albert Camus

Call it Autumn… call it Fall.  
It’s my favorite season of them all.
And it’s here!

That most special of seasons has arrived on Santorini and in case anyone had somehow missed the occasion… nature decided to put on a little show to remind us.



It was 6.30am and suddenly the mist starting gliding into the caldera like floating silk .


Within seconds the fort was almost shrouded… 


and the small island had all but disappeared in the rolling mist.


Within 20 minutes almost the entire island was being hugged by a thick blanket of soft white silk.

Somewhere under the cloud is the island’s main town of Fira… but on this day it was the first autumn mist that was going to be the star of the show and what a majestic show it was. Autumn is here and the end of the season is near. The low hugging mist was like a veil being slowly pulled across the island… a sign that the extreme summer heat was over. The air was filled with moisture and I was thrilled that the island would soon be again quiet and peaceful.

Autumn is a fantastic time to be on Santorini… as is Spring. The light changes and the island colours change with it. Its as if the island breaths a sigh of relief and so do the people on it. For me… it’s a sigh of anticipation. The wonders of autumn, winter and spring are ahead. This magical landscape will once again weave it’s magic and no doubt produce sights and sounds that will amaze and astound me.

Quiet solitude and sublime images ahead. I hope you will join me and keep me company during winter ;-)