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Oia Santorini – Scenes of a Greek island summer

August in Greece… the islands buzzing with excitement. Most of Europe is on holidays and it seems a vast majority chose Greece as their destination of choice. The islands are a cauldron of nationalities… almost every imaginable language is heard as you casually walk through narrow streets and lanes… day or night. Santorini… as an island… walks to it’s own beat when it comes to tourism. There is no crisis here… there are no weekdays or weekends. It’s one long summer of lovers and lovers of the island… the two not being mutually exclusive. There is good reason of course… this is not just any island. Of all the Greek islands… this is the mother pearl… the crown jewel of the mythical Aegean Sea. The one they all dream about…

People enjoy waterside dining that can often be a surreal experience. From this
very spot at Dimitri’s (Ammoudi) you can not only watch the sunset and all of the old sailing boats… but after dark you may also/ see some of the largest cruise ships in the world sail quietly passed your table. There are thousands of
waterside taverna’s in Greece… but Ammoudi is in another class.

this is of course the place where your very own cave dweller has been known to enjoy the odd grilled octopus and perhaps…just perhaps… an ouzo or three.

as if that (grilled octopus & ouzo/wine) is not enough… there is a certain sunset that a few people talk about… which can also be seen from your table. Is it any wonder people lose their minds here…

summer is enjoyed in many ways… but lingering on a balmy night at a waterside taverna with good friends… fresh seafood and chilled wine… is not hard to take!

Meantime the village itself is filled with sunset visitors… each wanting the perfect photo… the perfect sunset experience… the desire to somehow capture the magic of the village… to create memories for the future.

my good friend and neighbour waits patiently for the passing sunsetters to buy
some of her home-made produce… she’s a gorgeous lady and I hope you
stop and buy something if you’re visiting Oia (speaking of gorgeous… the three
Italian kids being held by their mother could’ve made the cover of Italian Vogue on any day…beautiful family) !

when sunset is over and the nightly exodus starts you don’t want to be walking against the crowd… it’s like the end of a concert and people are pouring out of the venue just as you’re trying to go in.

but for me… none of that matters because my sunsets are usually spent at home…where the view is a lot more entertaining and I have it all to myself. When this photo was taken I didn’t realise the poignant message of the heading on the magazine page… until much later. A random moment in time that somehow captures the essence of it all ; )

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Santorini in August – a “wall of love”

Summer is in full swing and Santorini, as always in August, is buzzing. Planes unloading thousands of people (an inbound flight every 20 minutes), fast ferries running back and forth from Athens and other islands… and of course cruise ships. Santorini gets more cruise ships than just about any other place in Europe… including Venice.

For many it’s their first visit, but for others it’s a much awaited return to the island of their dreams. They all come to experience the magic, the mystique, the secret allure that this island has.


Some will sit quietly and enjoy a coffee…. with a “view”!


This is one of my fave coffee shops in Fira. Coffee is good and although
the view looks like it’s a huge outdoor poster ad for cruise ships…
believe me folks, it’s real !


Below there are all kinds of boats & ships…



Each day bringing thousands of dreamers to the island of romance…


But not everyone sits and stares at the view for hours in Fira. Thousands make their way to Oia daily and in doing so they pass the “wall of love”… where lots of couples stop and leave a small dedication to each other.

wall of love

It’s a curious thing that happens. Somehow, every summer, love messages start to appear on this black volcanic cliff face. Couples look for white pebbles, or even bring their own and proceed to piece together love messages for all to see.



From the spray painted “I love you” written in Greek, to tiny little hearts with initials… the romantics stop and let the thousands of passers by know of their feelings for one another.



Over the years it has become a wonderful tradition which gives the young lovers a forum to express their feelings to the rest of us. They almost always work on their masterpiece together… kiss upon completion & try to find someone, anyone… to take a photo of them standing in front of it. 

Love is grand isn’t it?

Long live the romantics of this world !


Big thank you to the lovely Carla Coulson for her wonderful piece earlier this week… inspirational words from a woman passionate about her chosen art form. Thanks Carla… enjoy your holiday xx

I hope the “Find your passion” posts will inspire other people to share their passion with all of us as part of this theme. If you have found your passion, or know of someone, please let me know… would love to hear from you!

PS: August is Vedema (harvest) month on Santorini. If you know anything about the wonderful wines of Santorini, or would like to, then don’t miss the next post.

Wave from the cave to all of you ;-)