This blog is dedicated to the “undecided”. All the millions of people around the world that have been thinking about doing something….something they would love to do, something that they have always wanted to do, something they dream about, something that will make their life complete…but still haven’t done it.

In telling people of my decision to move to Santorini there were some fascinating responses. People I had known for years suddenly opened up with their own dreams, stories, desires and regrets. “I’ve always wanted to…” was the common theme. I realised that almost everyone has an “I’ve always wanted to..” thought that they haven’t acted upon. Many mind-travel, many are tortured from the dreaded “shoulds” (should’ve done this or that). Each has his/her own story…. and it all came pouring out.

In the words of my old friend Rex Lopez “when it’s all said and done Michael….it’s only the great adventures you remember”. I don’t think anyone has ever given me better advice in my entire life.

It doesn’t really matter what it is. A house on an island, a desert, another city or another country. An adventure, a reunion, an event, a concert of an artist you’ve admired, a painting you’ve never seen but always wanted to, a walk in a street of a city, a mountain to climb, a place to see…….

Life is not a dress rehearsal…..

Make the decision…. fulfil your dream! 


* * * * * * * * * 

If you have an “I’ve always wanted to….” story…please share it here. It may help others to decide, but most of all, it may help YOU!

6 responses to “Dedication

  1. I always want to travel – again!

    Don’t get me wrong – I love my mother. She’s 84 years old and independent enough to get in trouble (falling in the yard – locking herself out of the house – things like that). She doesn’t drive. She is very set in her ways and would never, and I mean NEVER allow anyone to check in on her if we should try to take a trip. My husband and I travelled for 17 years when my parents were healthy but had to stop because of my father’s illness and subsequent death. Now I don’t trust Mom to be alone and there’s nobody that I trust to care for her and I don’t have brothers or sisters or close family.Some of us are trapped by circumstances way beyond our control. So I log onto websites like this and live vicariously through other people’s photos. Where would I like to go? Where the food is delectable, the scenery is beautiful and the people are kind! I’ve always wanted to find a community in the Mediterranean that I could settle down in for the rest of my life – where there are fish markets and fresh local vegetables and lots of walking trails and beautiful sunsets. One day I’ll be able to travel again, – hope I won’t be too old to enjoy it!!! All of you who read this – wish me luck!

  2. My dream is to move to Santorini after highschool. I recently went on a junior high school trip to Italy and Greece and I fell in love with the island. I’ve already started to save up money so I can live and work there for six months. Here’s to living the dream!

  3. I want to sail around the world with my husband and two dogs, taking our time, living for weeks in the places that strike us most. Then I’d like to open a guest house in Morocco, shopping the souks and the world to decorate the entire place! Currently we are living in Harker Heights, Texas because of the Army…my heart aches when I think of all the glorious places in the world I am not living in (or at least traveling to).

  4. Hi Michael, I am so pleased Allison gave me your blog link. What I have read so far is inspirational. Just reading your blogs and looking at your photos makes it feel sunny and warm here in dull, cold Central Scotland.
    I love your ‘Respect’ idea and will try to get some thing done about that soon mean while I will share on my page..

    • Sandra…welcome. Pleased you liked the Respect post…one of my favorites in the whole blog. I look forward to getting some Respect pics from Scotland when you get the time…. wave from Oia ~~~~ ; ))

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