there is a poet in all of us…

Santorini Haiku poetic challenge

In keeping with Haiku tradition… I think the less said the better. All we need is an image and the winning poem. Take a moment to enjoy & let your minds fly !



I think the true beauty of all poetry…but especially Haiku, lies in the power of the verse to act as a launching pad for one’s imagination. The real pleasure begins where the words end… and your mind starts to paint images inside your head.

It is very hard to experience the “power of less” in a more evocative way than a Haiku verse. Three lines can set your mind off to a wondrous adventure… if only you will let it. It’s not what the poem says so much… it’s what it makes you imagine. That’s where the power is.

I think this poem by Lenita Kannis (Sydney) does that…it fuels the spirit and propels your mind to imagine & explore. The “mood” of the image above I think compliments the beautiful verse nicely….thank you Lenita !

Thank you to all of you for sending the many poems that you did. I hope you had as much pleasure writing them as I had reading them. I really hope that this has made all of you realise that there is a poet inside all of us. I also hope that the elegant art form of Haiku teaches us all that less IS more… that a few beautiful words are more than enough to express even the most complex of feelings & thoughts. I hope you enjoyed  ; )

Congratulations Lenita…. an exquisite hand painted Christmas apron from Aegean Designs is headed your way !

PS: it was brought to my attention today that there have been Google ads appearing at the end of posts in this blog (they do not appear on my end – only on the reader side) . These were not placed there by myself and it turns out it was done by WordPress  without notification to the blog owners… something I find totally unacceptable and really quite pathetic. I will be “working” with them to remove them asap…but in the meantime please ignore the rubbish that appears at the end of each post.


One response to “there is a poet in all of us…

  1. Caro Michael,
    The power of less… is indeed more. Personally I think your photo says it all. Nature “undressed”. Un unparallel imagination “propeller”. Foto meravigliosa, Michael! Bacione from a rainy Umbria, Ingrid

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