moments in time…that’s what it’s all about

That’s all we have you know… that’s what it’s about…. just moments in time.  Everything we experience is a moment in time. Our finest moments… our worst moments… our boring and sublime moments. They are all tiny segments of the continuum of life. Every photograph… every memorable song… every great holiday… every unforgettable meeting…. they are all moments in time. We see a thousand faces a day… but occasionally we turn and glance at a face… a seemingly extraordinary face… looking at us. Its a split second glance… which can sometimes lead to eternal love or a lasting memory. A split second in time… an unforgettable moment.

The human brain is an amazing instrument… so amazing that we have not even scratched the surface of it’s potential. Through all of our senses it captures and stores these moments in time. It has them neatly tucked away and when the right stimulus comes along… it serves us with a “vivid memory” that can be so powerful…at times so overwhelming… that we feel like we are experiencing that “moment in time” all over again. It can make you smile… it can make you frown… it can make you sad… or it can make your day. It is one of the most powerful forces known.

But for the brain to capture and store… it needs to feel that it is “worth capturing”… that it is indeed a special moment. This will only happen if we are open to appreciating these moments… if we are allowing ourselves the sheer pleasure of savouring the special moments.  In most cases we are so damned busy “planning” and “scheming” that we forget to enjoy the moment. We forget that right now is all we have. The future hasn’t happened and yet and the past is history. Right now is what it’s about… and unless you have the presence of mind to realise that… the right now will also become history. Nothing but a blurred memory because we didn’t take the time to enjoy it as it was happening…in real time. We didn’t seize the moment.

Not understanding the moments in time concept has many negative derivatives.  The worst of these is the ultimate torture…. the dreaded “if only”. If only I had spoken to her/him… if only I had “gone for it” instead of hesitating… if only I had tried…if only I had stopped long enough to enjoy it. The list is endless… and only because we didn’t have the presence of mind to understand the “moment”. That fleeting moment in time which held so much promise… if we  had only “grabbed it” and made it ours.

I vividly remember the night following my first glance of my island home. Following the morning inspection and subsequent discussions… I drove into Oia that evening and took photos of the village then came down to the empty house and just sat on the roof. Glanced out across the caldera and the distant lights of the other villages. It was summer so the heat made all the distant lights flicker like a Christmas tree. I remember thinking to myself  “this is what it will be like”. This is what it will feel like to sit out here with a glass of wine and just relax….
It was a moment in time… but one that I stopped long enough to soak up. It burned in my memory… and I often called on it during the seemingly endless running around when trying to finalise the purchase of the house. That “moment in time” became the anchor… it was my  “end in mind”.

Now it’s different… but I am no less sensitive to “moments”. My sense of presence is acute… and I try very hard to not let familiarity dull my senses. I still glance at my morning view as if it’s the first time… and will more often than not run in to get my camera for a shot like this:

I shot this with morning coffee today. I’ve taken this photo a thousand times…
but I will never take this view for granted.

This afternoon the view… as always… was different again. Most people that live
here would not even look at this twice… I prefer to see it as if it’s the first time !

this is the view I saw from my roof… just try to imagine it at night
with the distant village lights flickering…an unforgettable moment for me…
an inspiring moment !

The moment you realise that it’s all about moments in time… you start to see things differently. You appreciate the moment… you realise that it IS a fleeting moment and you may never see/experience it again. You stop assuming about life… that things will still be there later, or the next day or the next year.
They might… but YOU might not.

As always this is not intended to be a lecture… it’s just a cave dweller thinking out loud. It’s nothing new to any of you. But I do believe it’s worthwhile reminding ourselves… “appreciating moments in time… that’s what it’s all about” !

* * * * * *

I hope that many of you are busy writing your Haiku poems. I am looking for some inspiring words about the island…words from those of you that have visited and feel in love with it… or those of you that have fallen in love  from a distance. What is it… what do you feel…what do you dream about… what does Santorini mean to you. I want to read words that capture the spirit..the very essence… the true meaning of Santorini to you !

Trust me when I tell you that the prize will make you the envy of all your friends and family at Christmas. have had quite a few emails asking for more time… seems that putting three lines together IS a lot harder that writing pages lolol…
funny that ; )))

Entries now close this Thursday 25th Nov (was going to be Wed but I usually post on a Thursday so you get an extra day ). Try your best and have fun with it.
Let your imagination free… there is a poet in all of us!!

One response to “moments in time…that’s what it’s all about

  1. Stunning photos! This is what keeps me coming back to your blog. Of course your stories too… but every picture you post makes me jealous!

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