poetic challenge…

There were elections held on the island…

the people have voted…

their choices noted…

it’s the dawn of a new era !

Thankfully the “right” choices were made… and we will be working hard to make positive changes on this magical island. We will be looking for improvements internally… but also ways to promote to the world. The Haiku poetry you were asked to write may just inspire a great message to be sent out to the world.

Please share your poetic talents and your self-expression on what you believe is the magical essence of Santorini…in a Haiku poem ( a three line poem made up of a fixed number of words  per line… 5-7-5 respectively). We hope that your inspired words will be used to inspire millions of people around the world to visit and experience this unique island.

We will extend the deadline to Wednesday 24th  as per the request of a number of people…it seems writing three “inspired” lines takes some serious thinking ; )

The winning entry will receive a very special hand-painted Christmas apron from
Aegean Designs.

Please forward your entry to aegeandesigns [at] ymail dot com

More blog-goodness tomorrow night ; )  ~~~~


2 responses to “poetic challenge…

  1. I have been so taken up by school and studying, I completely missed that there were elections in Greece. Glad that you are happy about the results!

    • hese were local government elections Merisi… Santorini desperately needed a change from the complete idiots that had been in power for the past 8 years. The new Mayor is a bright well educated man who has a very clear vision for the island. I will be helping him as much as I can and I now have big hopes for real progress in the near future.

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