Oia – most beautiful village in the world


There are countless villages on this wonderful planet of ours… many of them are special… many are beautiful and some are stunning. But there is only one Oia !

I have been known to say to people “if you find a more beautiful place anywhere in the world…please call me and let me know”. People have been known to reply “that’s one phone call you’re never going to get”.


You see… it’s not just the village itself… it’s what’s below it.

and the things that go on daily in the caldera below it……

and the effects of light…season…weather and the time of day

it’s the way this village has been built and the way it’s charm has been retained over the many centuries…

it’s the unique ambience and timeless beauty…

and arguably the most visually sublime outlook that any village in the world has been blessed with !

I am clearly biased…but every time I get a chance to walk around my little village it never fails to amaze me with its simple… yet dazzling beauty. These images offer but a tiny glimpse of the village.. but it’s enough to make anyone wish that some day…some how… they will walk these paths and climb these steps… watch a sunset and soak in the majesty that is Oia Santorini.

* * * * * * *

Now that the season has all but ended we will start to focus on bringing you more Aegean Designs images and enable you to browse and shop online. To the dozens of people that visited the studio and have since emailed seeking to buy on line… we hear you and we will try to have as many designs as possible on line for you to choose from. The initial catalogue will only be visible on Facebook so it would help if you have an account on there.

Please drop by this blog on Monday for details…

ps: back blogging in full flight again… promise ; ))


9 responses to “Oia – most beautiful village in the world

  1. Good morning M, or is it afternoon in Oia? So strange to be on the other side of the world, its 3:30am in Sydney and looking at these pictures are very odd at this hour.. there are sirens outside, a normal Friday night in the city.

    Yes, please get back to blogging more! I am trying to convince the girls to come along with me and have pointed them to your blog.. haha :)

    Have a lovely weekend + halloween!

  2. Michael, will you let me know when the daytime temps are in the seventies. I’ll certainly plan a trip. I just don’t do well when it’s hot; or can’t enjoy it as much. Thanks

    • Donna… very late May and early June is perfect time… you can swim but it’s not “hot”. If you’re not fussed about swimming then Spring is a great time… the “hills are alive” with colour and it’s a lot cheaper too ; )

  3. Your photos are always sensational and your sense of place moves me..

  4. You are right,Michael,Oia is indeed the most beautiful village in the world,and your pictures are as stunning as always.My screensaver is a picture of Oia that I took some years ago,and so I am always reminded of Oia.I enjoyed meeting both you and Alison and look forward to meeting you both on my next visit “home” to Santorini.

  5. Caro Michael,
    You are blessed. Indeed Oia seems to be Heaven on Earth. So happy you intend to give us snap-shots more frequently – to enjoy from far away. Stopping by next week to see what’s “on Line”. Happy All Saints’, Michael. Auguri! Bacione, Ingrid from a chilly Umbria

  6. Your photos are magnificent. Stayed a week in Oia back in 2004. I must get back there soon!

  7. All i can say is WOW! Oia is unreal!

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