Oia wedding… an evening to remember

There are thousands of weddings on Santorini every year… people from all over the world dream about getting married on this magical island. They come to experience the mystical landscape and the mesmerising vistas … their visit often fulfilling a life-long dream. Hundreds of thousands of photos get published annually… but it’s very rare that you would get a glimpse of a “local” wedding… especially an “Oia local wedding”.  Lucky for you your friendly cave dweller happened to attend one last weekend…..

as you would expect Oia put on a splendid showing for one of it’s
favourite sons… looking stunning in the autumn sunlight!


the young couple chose a tiny church that is perched high on the cliff…
with a view that would make every woman gasp/cry/sigh… all at once!

the bonbonniere (“koufeta” in Greek) were all ready for the guests…


and the tiny church was decorated simply and elegantly…
for it’s part in the fairytale…


suddenly the young couple appeared…being led into the church by the
groom’s brother and his fellow musician…


the ceremony in the tiny but truly beautiful church was understated & elegant…
a fitting simplicity in such a traditional island-village setting

rice & rose petals await the happy couple as they exit the church…

as if in total harmony with the proceedings Oia put on one of it’s best
autumn sunsets…making the view from the church courtyard
absolutely breathtaking


the happy couple emerges to a chorus of cheers…


and a cloud of rice and rose petals…


you’d have to agree with me… one of the advantages of getting married in Oia
is that you don’t have to go far to have a sublime setting for your family wedding pics… no??


by all accounts the happy couple danced the night away at the family home till 5am… long after your correspondent was catching zzzzzzz’s in his cozy cave ; ))


Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of a “local” wedding… a rare privilege indeed in this tiny community perched high on the Santorini cliff face…..my best wishes to these lovely people and sincere thanks for allowing us to share the event with them !!!

PS: before you send emails… I DO NOT organise/plan weddings… I DO NOT know how you can book the little church or the priest or the florist. So there… Actually… correction… I do know how you can contact the florist. But that’s IT !

PPS: Hi to all the blog readers that dropped by to say hello during summer…
; )))


10 responses to “Oia wedding… an evening to remember

  1. I am sure you would be a brilliant wedding planner if the need arose Michael….!! If I were to get married again…so far so good, so no plans….I could think of nowhere more beautiful….xv

  2. Anyone who has ever been to Oia can close their eyes and transport themselves to this setting. Through your generous posting and the amazing internet we have been treated to a special private moment on this incredible piece of rock that you call home. I feel that I have been waiting forever for new photos and stories from Oia … glad to see your post!

  3. thanks Genie… promise it won’t be as long before the next one… nice to read your comment ; ))

  4. Caro Michael,
    Some places make me want to marry again – the same man as always, of course. Santorini is definitely one of these places. Simply magic, Michael. With or without a “fellow musician”. Thanks for sharing!!! Bacione, Ingrid

  5. hi michael,

    i visited over the summer but am back and happy to see my friend genie here! what a lovely wedding and how lucky you were to participate — i’ve been to santorini a few times, and as a dyed in the wool hellenophile i can testify that there is no other place like it in the world………

    am off now to explore the posts i’ve missed~

  6. What a stunning place for a wedding! And how lucky we are to have you right there to share it with us. Been gone awhile but hope to be back soon.
    Happy fall to you!

  7. These pictures bring back such happy memories to me of the village wedding that I attended 3 years ago in Oia.I cried when the musicains arrived with the groom to escort him and the bride to the church,as it was all so lovely – meanwhile my husband was downing the almonds and honey,between shots of raki,in the bride’s house!

  8. Sophie Zografidou

    Greetings from Melbourne!

    I’ve just come across your blog, Michael – great read!
    I was interested in the name of this lovely little church in your post.

    • Sophie… I can’t recall the name of the church but will try to find out. One thing you should know though is that it’s not open for public weddings. These kids are both local… but will try to find out some more when I next see them ; )

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