Oia Santorini – Scenes of a Greek island summer

August in Greece… the islands buzzing with excitement. Most of Europe is on holidays and it seems a vast majority chose Greece as their destination of choice. The islands are a cauldron of nationalities… almost every imaginable language is heard as you casually walk through narrow streets and lanes… day or night. Santorini… as an island… walks to it’s own beat when it comes to tourism. There is no crisis here… there are no weekdays or weekends. It’s one long summer of lovers and lovers of the island… the two not being mutually exclusive. There is good reason of course… this is not just any island. Of all the Greek islands… this is the mother pearl… the crown jewel of the mythical Aegean Sea. The one they all dream about…

People enjoy waterside dining that can often be a surreal experience. From this
very spot at Dimitri’s (Ammoudi) you can not only watch the sunset and all of the old sailing boats… but after dark you may also/ see some of the largest cruise ships in the world sail quietly passed your table. There are thousands of
waterside taverna’s in Greece… but Ammoudi is in another class.

this is of course the place where your very own cave dweller has been known to enjoy the odd grilled octopus and perhaps…just perhaps… an ouzo or three.

as if that (grilled octopus & ouzo/wine) is not enough… there is a certain sunset that a few people talk about… which can also be seen from your table. Is it any wonder people lose their minds here…

summer is enjoyed in many ways… but lingering on a balmy night at a waterside taverna with good friends… fresh seafood and chilled wine… is not hard to take!

Meantime the village itself is filled with sunset visitors… each wanting the perfect photo… the perfect sunset experience… the desire to somehow capture the magic of the village… to create memories for the future.

my good friend and neighbour waits patiently for the passing sunsetters to buy
some of her home-made produce… she’s a gorgeous lady and I hope you
stop and buy something if you’re visiting Oia (speaking of gorgeous… the three
Italian kids being held by their mother could’ve made the cover of Italian Vogue on any day…beautiful family) !

when sunset is over and the nightly exodus starts you don’t want to be walking against the crowd… it’s like the end of a concert and people are pouring out of the venue just as you’re trying to go in.

but for me… none of that matters because my sunsets are usually spent at home…where the view is a lot more entertaining and I have it all to myself. When this photo was taken I didn’t realise the poignant message of the heading on the magazine page… until much later. A random moment in time that somehow captures the essence of it all ; )

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9 responses to “Oia Santorini – Scenes of a Greek island summer

  1. Great post!

    I guess you are referring to the blond with her three kids, yes, quite lovely indeed! In my humble estimation, there are no coincidences so that “poignant” moment, as per the magazine, was destined to be, imparting the inimitable ambiance of your section of paradise!

    Best Regards from Miami…..

  2. As you rightly say,Santorini is the crown jewel of the Aegean sea.Only 34 days until I am there,on my beloved island.I also love Ammoudi and we always eat there,usually at Dimitri’s or Katina’s,and we always eat grilled octopus too.

  3. oh how this reminds me of our time there, 2 years ago :)
    When we were in Oia, I bought a piece of “sponge” rock from one of the local for 1.5 euro. He digs them out on the other side of the island, at least from what I could make out from his gestures. I also found some small ones on the beaches. Like all toursts, we were addicted to the sunsets :P
    Thanks for bring me back!

  4. Last night we had dinner in Ammoudi at Sunset Taverna and breakfast this morning at Its Pandoras (???). Unfortunately, the ‘big blow’ 2 nights ago caused a rock slide to cut off the walking path to the prettiest part of Ammoudi in which to swim so we have been enjoying diving off the end of the boat pier and lazing around in the sun next to (what appears to be) the old wreck of a dinghy with our constant companions, ginger dog, black dog, Kouklas (bitch) and Kastosas (dog).
    Sadly, this is our last day here in magical Santorini. We feel like we’ve become part of the fabric of this Summer season and it’s inhabitants. Normally, we are ready to go back home to the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia, but this trip has been different…all encompassing….and we will miss Yianni & Maria (our hosts) and the many many wonderful people we have met from all over the world since living in our little cave house. I’ll even miss the 1 million steps we had to conquer each day to get to our favourite swimming spot in Ammoudi. (Okay….slight exageration….but……..).
    Anyway, it’s a particularly crystal clear and awe inspiring day here today which makes our leaving tomorrow morning even harder.
    Farewell, Santorini and its warm and easy going inhabitants. We will return!!!

  5. Caro Michael,
    There have been numerous articles on Santorini lately in glossy interior and travel magazines. But noone captures the atmosphere like this. Your photo from your terrace beats them all. You are a lucky dweller, Michael, having the sunset to yourself and being able to withdraw from the “invasion”. Expect the sun is even more intriguing these late summer evenings. Enjoy! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

    • Now we’re getting into the best time of year Ingrid….I’d imagine it’s the same in your beautiful corner of the world too. The evening breeze is just right and so is the temperature. Oia still has three months of season left… but this is the enjoyable part of the year. Looking forward to the autumn magic to begin ; )))

  6. Next year I hope Michael….you are providing me with some serious temptation here. I hope you have had a wonderful summer, xv.

  7. Thank you for these pictures. Your world seems to overflow with beauty.

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