Visually Orgasmic

“Been trying to describe it to friends back home Michael… but can’t find the right words. How would you describe it? What words would you use?”
“Visually orgasmic”… I offered !

The American couple (in their 70s) both looked at me with a certain sepia-tone expression. “Did he say what I think he said?” said the wife in a southern drawl. “Yes he did… and I agree with him (laughing), just don’t think I can write that on the post cards (loud laughter)” said the husband.

This was one of dozens of exchanges with visiting tourists to the Aegean Designs store during last week. The words I used were not new to me… it’s a line I have used for many years to describe the small part of the planet I have chosen to live on. I use it for affect… but mostly because it is absolutely true. If you don’t believe me… then take a look at a small set of photos (taken with a broken camera – no viewer screen) as I walked from one of our shops to the other late in the afternoon.

The following would come close to being one of my favourite photos I have taken on the island. The scene looked sublime… images forming on the water below in total silence, as I waited for the right moment (bit tricky when you don’t have a viewer on the cam). I am so pleased the moment wasn’t lost…

This wasn’t a photography hike… or me waiting with high-end cameras to “capture the moment”. This was a walk home and these were taken almost randomly with a broken cam. But this is not just any place folks. This is not just any island in the sun. This is photographer’s paradise. This is Santorini…. a place so damn photogenic, it really is “Visually Orgasmic”.

PS: If you can think of a better term I’d love to hear about it ;-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

Tip of the hat !

Berta…the beautiful señora from Madrid, gave us a mention in her own delightful blog and for that we send her kisses. If you haven’t as yet travelled with me and Berta then do yourself a favour… her photos are amazing and her blog ( toiledejouy ) is like a venus fly-trap !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have to apologise for taking leave without notice for the past 2 weeks… but was very busy and just needed a brake for a while. To all those that wrote… I am not going to stop blogging and if anything I am looking forward to a summer of great images and stories to share with you ;-/

9 responses to “Visually Orgasmic

  1. Delectably divine Michael…all of these ‘snaps’. Your terminology is excellent, xv

  2. As usual your blog’s blow me away – much different to my drive home from work. My partner and I would like to know what the steel pole/rod’s are use for on the roof of the house in your photo’s 3 & 4?

    • they are actually parts of an old Olive oil crusher… now used purely for decorative purposes on the roof top ;-)

  3. Caro Michael,

    Indeed. You just added to the Global Blog Lexicon. There are obviously OMG Moments as well as VG Moments. Since I cannot choose, I pick them both. Your leaves of absence always leave the rest of us with either or…. Enjoy your VG/OMG weekend Michael! Bacione, Ingrid

  4. Oia looks surreal – on June 2 my aussie sister married on the verandah of an old house over looking the sea in Oia….the pix are gorgeous. !
    Look forward to a visit someday….x

  5. paulette osborne

    happy you are back!! santorini is so amazing. if i see it in a photograph, i immediately know it’s santorini. how wonderful to live somewhere that gives so many people such beautiful memories. i am not jealous because you so generously share it with us. this is my favorite time of year there. not too crowded. ; )

  6. So this is your walk home after ‘just another day at the office’? How nice that your cocktail is ‘Visually orgasmic’. I’ll have what you’re having. And make it a double.

    • lol yeah… just another day at the office Ms C. Someone has to work the salt mines… and drink the happy cocktails ;-)

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