OMG moments !!!

I have said many times that “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take…but the number of moments that take our breath away”. An OMG-moment is one of those moments. When a variety of things align in a way that produces the inner-WOW in our brain. When our eyes capture images that the brain finds hard to believe. My little village & this island in general, has a habit of giving me these OMG-moments. It kind of feels like it walks up behind you, when you least expect it and taps you on the shoulder saying “hey you… you think you’ve seen it all huh? well have a look at this….” !

And then… the very next morning I woke up, made a coffee… walked out to the veranda and saw this:

The ship entering the caldera is the Westerdam… a frequent visitor to our island and a beautiful ship to watch as it glides past (believe it or not there is a huge difference watching the various large cruisers as they sail past the house… not just in noise levels but also sheer presence on the water). The Westerdam is a “very” elegant lady and almost totally silent. On this particular morning the water was like glass… as this magnificent ship entered what must be the best natural port for large ships anywhere in the world (certainly the most spectacular views offered to passengers). The view sailing past Oia at sunrise…for those passengers smart enough to be awake for it… must be magical. I could clearly see flashes going off just I was taking photos of the ship… so at least a number of them were awake to witness this amazing visual feast.

It was an incredibly privileged experience to be a witness to these different…but equally mesmerising moments in time on the island that seems to make a habit of offering these OMG moments to me.

Hope you enjoyed the images as much as I enjoyed capturing them ~

PS: On both occasions I had to use the iPhone to capture the images…just imagine what they would look like with my normal cam… but alas, my trusted Pentax is broken (if you know of a Pentax executive out there… or a marketing exec from another quality camera brand… let me just say that this is a good cross-promotional opportunity for them ).  Nuff said ;-)


14 responses to “OMG moments !!!

  1. Michael, What an amazing sky and reflection!! I am equally amazed at how fabulous these photos are from an iphone! The sea is so beautiful in both your OMG shots! OMG is right! You do have millions of those kinds of moments… you must be out of breath all the time! ;>)) C.

    • The sunrise shots don’t really capture the scene Carol… the water was like glass and the ship looked like it was gliding silently through it… quite breathtaking. I have three camera apps on my phone and I used a different one for each of the shots. Not ideal for scenic shots… but I’m just glad I had it so the moment wasn’t lost.

  2. paulette osborne

    they are truly beautiful and maybe having experienced the beauty first hand, my memory helps make the pictures better. iphone is amazing! sorry about your camera. i hope someone helps you with it!
    i had one of these moments tonight but no camera. i was floating in the gulf of mexico on a private beach and there was not a single soul in the water as far as the eye could see in either direction. and out on the horizon, a beautiful sailboat under the setting sun. magical! and OMG!!! thanks for sharing and allowing me to share. ; )

  3. Hi. I’ve really enjoyed Reading your journal of life on santorini. I visited for the first time last year. About 27 years ago I watched summer lovers and since that day I’ve always thought it would be a truly magical place to visit. And I was not disappointed.
    I think what your doing is great. living the dream!

  4. OMG, I have to go there…..

  5. Beautiful! One of my favorite OMG moments….in Rincon, PR….a last minute change of plans found me on a friend’s boat….he needed people to fill up empty spots on an afternoon fishing charter…not exactly my thing but being out on the water is always so beautiful. Anyway….no fish….the booked guest wasn’t too happy. Well all of a sudden a whale breeches the surface of the water not 20 yards from our boat…..only to be followed by her young calf! This incredible sight went on for close to 30 minutes!! A Mom whale playing tag with her baby all around our boat with not another person in sight. BTW no one had a camera but I can see it as clear as if it were yesterday! One of the finest moments of my life!

  6. almost sailed past you this week. Lucky you waking up to that every day. Those flights in your previous post must seem from another life. Enjoy the view for me. carla x

    • hey you… are you on a cruise or a sail boat going back to same island as last year? Look forward to having an ouzo or three with you guys when you drop by ;-)
      PS: you’re so right about the flights belonging to another life…

  7. Amazing photographs of Santorini and Oia
    No words suitable to describe the beauty you show.
    Have a great day.

  8. Caro Michael,

    Opening your blog Gives me OMG-moments. At all times! No matter the season, weather, time of day… Buon fine settimana e bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  9. Hello Michael …. I also have lived through moments OMG in Santorini … in Oia …. they were fascinating …. and today I have resembled Oia … in My BLOG ….. and I speak about my friend Michael … that is lucky to live in Santorini …. …. ¡¡¡¡¡¡ Berta

  10. I love visiting your blog – the photos are always breath taking and at the end it always leaves me wanting to see those views in person.

  11. I had many of these OMG moments during my time in Oia!
    Gazing out over the Caldera, walking the marble pathway in Oia, hiking along the cliffs and seeing the vast blue water, staring at Skaros rock, being mesmerized by the sunrise & sunsets..and countless more moments that took my breath away..
    I will forever hold these memories close to heart and feel the magic of Santorini when I glance at the photos of this beautiful island!

    Thank you for listening and giving me some words of wisdom…and also thank Allison for me for having such a kind and caring soul. Her work is wonderful as well as her heart :)

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