Oia Santorini: 1-year anniversary… reflections of a cave dweller

It was twelve months ago (just over actually) that I decided to start writing a public notebook about life in Oia. Somehow it seems longer… maybe because a great deal has been written or maybe it’s just been a long year. If I had known what I was getting myself into I probably wouldn’t have done it… but, “live with no excuses and love with no regrets” as they say…!

I think blogging should be called “Hidden… in full view” !

Don’t get me wrong… I have enjoyed every minute of it – well, in truth, maybe not “every” minute… but most of it. It’s a love-hate relationship really. I love the discipline it imposes on you… I use it as motivation to see and capture all the wondrous sights this mystical island has to offer. But on the other hand I dislike the “exposing” aspect… something I suspect a lot of bloggers who are usually fairly “private” people,  find difficult to get used to. I can certainly understand why some bloggers hide behind a pen-name. Now… again, don’t get me wrong. This little blog is not about to make me famous and there is no fear of being mobbed in the middle of Oia… unless its’ by donkeys or stray dogs in the dead of winter. That’s not what I’m talking about. By “exposing” I mean peeling layers off one’s self. Discussing things that have always been considered personal, private, out-of-bounds for people that know me… let alone total strangers.

The good news is that it does get easier the longer you do it… as in it gets easier to open up and talk freely about all kinds of things. I suppose the “mystics” and “new-age sensitives”will claim that openness is good for the soul and writing your thoughts is a good way to cleanse. But that’s the mystics… we all know they smoke bird droppings and talk to playing cards with pictures on them (they all inhale btw).

So here we are…a year later… and 139 posts later. Lots of words and lots of photos… which is what most people tune into this channel for. There are literally thousands of photographs I have taken in the past twelve months… only a small fraction of which have made it in this blog. Photography has been one of the most pleasurable aspects of blogging… and its something that I will continue to explore with great enthusiasm. Its a record in time… of the island, Oia, the cave house, the family and Greece… at least through my eyes & lens. The new blog design will highlight photos a lot more and also feature them in a more referenced way – I know its late in coming… but there are many things happening here which are taking priority at this point in time.

There are things one is supposed to do when reaching this milestone… but I don’t exactly know or don’t remember what they are, so I won’t bother. What I will do however is show some of my favourite photos from the past twelve months. There are too many to include in one post… so this week’s posts will be dedicated to the year that was. This is the first instalment  of memories from the past twelve months:

as a friend of mine said “this picture says it all” !


nature’s show…

beauty  in simplicity…

unforgettable Christmas eve image…

magical Aegean sunsets…

and mystical Aegean islands…

morning mist…

and stormy weather…

ancient sacred sites (300 Spartans)

and images that capture the essence of a Greek island village
in winter (Naxos)

religious traditions…

and magical moments in time…

the staggering beauty of this mystical island…

and the sheer pleasure of being able to experience and share it…

It’s been a great adventure… one which continues. I hope the “dedication” of this blog touches those “undecided” people… those who want to explore and pursue their dreams but who, for whatever reason, haven’t been able to as yet. I hope our adventures serve as reminders to people that you don’t have to be anything special to live your dream… you simply have to want to do it. To take a chance… to realise that the worst thing that can happen is that you may… just may feel “alive” again, doing what you have dreamed about for years. You may actually have some fun breaking your comfortable routine… and doing what most people will only ever talk about.

I’m not preaching… I just happen to believe that sometimes the greatest gift is to encourage people to answer their own prayers……

22 responses to “Oia Santorini: 1-year anniversary… reflections of a cave dweller

  1. Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed your blog for several months now and am looking forward to visiting Santorini again in just a few short weeks!

  2. Hello Michael, Happy 1st Anniversary, and I hope many more to come. What beautiful memories to look back on. These pictures are perfection. I can’t imagine how much time and effort goes into this, but I hope you keep on with it, I get so much joy out of reading your stories and seeing the pictures.
    I also enjoy the websites of some of the people who leave comments, it’s like a trip around the world without leaving home.
    So know that what you are doing is much appreciated and enjoyed. Take care, Sheila

    • Sheila… thank you. I have decided to keep going with it… and try to make it a lot better. The season start is a busy time… but there is lots to come ;-)

  3. Dear Michael,
    I can’t believe it’s only been a year. It feels like I’ve known you forever. For me, your blog has been one of the joys of blogging. From the gorgeous photos, to the videos of rainstorms, to your inspiring posts that always give me just the right jolt of motivation I need. One of my favorite posts of yours – Sparta with your son, and also the post about the vineyards on Oia. It’s truly been a pleasure. Looking forward to many more visits.

  4. Michael, your photos are stunning. I have enjoyed visiting Oia through your blog. ( How do you pronounce Oia? )

  5. …. HI Michael …. I agree with your friend …. the photo does not need words … the sight from this wonderful terrace … it is a dream …. is your house this? … it seems to my me that it is the paradise ……. ¡¡¡¡ Congratulations for your first year to your BLOG…¡¡¡¡ Berta

  6. Wow Michael…hard to believe that it’s only a year…your pictures are a lifetime…I could look at them forever! Thanks for sharing your dream with all of us Michael…so appreciate your inspiration and motivation for all of us. Fondly, Roberta

  7. Happy Blog Birthday! Great posts and fabulous photos. I’m looking forward to more in the months to come. Thank you.

  8. Michael, congrats on your first year anniversary. I completely get what you say about blogging. It certainly encourages you to drag out some of your deepest thoughts. At the end of every week I look forward to catching up on your blog. I love your inspiration and your view on life. Your enthusiasm and positive energy radiates from my computer! Love, love, love your pictures. Lisa xx

  9. Hello Michael and congratulations on the year anniversary. I agree with much of what you say about blogging and the levels that we reveal ourselves. At first it is a strange thing to be talking to a relatively ‘unknown’ blog world but I have found that, in the same way I am beginning to reveal more, so is the blogosphere.
    Thank you for your spot on reflections and stunning photographs….enjoy the weekend, xv.

  10. Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I have been doing it for ten years now and although I have a love-hate relationship with it, it is really nice looking back at old entries and remembering exactly when you wrote something, or took a picture, or shared a moment with your family and friends.

    Thanks for sharing snapshots of your life; for me on the other side of the world it’s something to look forward to one day being there in Santorini in person but for now I have this blog :)

  11. creativejumble

    So glad I know where to come when I am longing for Greece!! Thank you very much for your stunning posts!

  12. Happy Anniversary Michael! Lucky for us you have this journal that is ‘hidden in full-view’ … visiting your world is like standing in a waterfall … a series washing over fears and bubbling in magic… where one is immersed in utter beauty and poetic thought. Your cup of life overflows in breathtaking light, splendor and simplicity! Many Happy Returns!! Carol

  13. A little bit late but congratulations!!! you live in paradise ;) and I love to read your blog every day…

  14. Andrew Shepherd

    I’ve enjoyed reading every post. Keep ’em coming.

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  16. this is my first time here…came from Maya’s blog. What a beautiful dream come true for you and your family. It is breathtaking beauty…thank you for sharing it all with us.

  17. Dear Mihali, I had dinner with you and Allison last Friday at Katina’s in Ammudi. I learnt quite a few things, about your blog on Oia, about the TED Conferences, about Australia * what happened in the elections<<…
    I am very glad I have met you both. Since I first came to Santorini I am in love with the island, with its magic, with its inmense dark blue sea… and hopefully with its people!!!!
    I have looked through your pictures in this piece of the blog and I love the one of Ammoudi washed by the big wave, Ammoudi is my favorite place in the whole island…
    xx Amaia

    • Hey Amaia… great night thank you for your company… enjoyed the chat and the music afterwards. See you before you go ??
      By the way…yes you can have it ; )) xx

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