Santorini – the morning still !

For a long time now I have wanted to put you in a position to see certain images through my eyes. To see what I see. To experience certain times of day the way I do. The following clip is not long… just over a minute. But its long enough to let you get a glimpse of the magic of what I call “the morning still”… looking out over the caldera at sunrise.

Call it yoga for the mind if you will ;-)

There is no soundtrack… no words necessary. Just the majesty of nature… and Rex.

The clip is dedicated to all my blogroll friends, as well as all of YOU… the readers.

Enjoy !

WARNING: “The images contained in the following clip can become highly addictive” !

* * * * *

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12 responses to “Santorini – the morning still !

  1. Fantastic, Michael! Thank you so much for sharing a Santorini morning with us. I can’t wait to experience it for myself in person.

  2. Thank you!!!!!
    This brought me back to two years ago when I visited this magical island! :)

  3. I enjoyed the morning still….but, my weenie dogs haven’t stopped barking since they heard Rex.

  4. Lovely as ever,I experienced a sunrise on a June morning some years ago on waking around 6.00 and all the houses had been tinged with pink by the rising sun.I got up and went for a walk on which I was accompanied by a small dog,she tagged along for ages and even returned to the hotel with me.
    Thank you for remining me.
    Take care.


  5. Your clip made my day!

  6. Caro Michael,

    Well, the stillness of an Oia morning, kissed by the first beams of sun did it… I’m hooked. I would love to follow in Rex’s footsteps – in any kind of Santorini weather! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  7. Thanks so much for the beautiful Oia morning. Sorry that we won’t get to share that glass of Ouzo this summer. Someday, for sure. I’ve made note of your new address.


  8. Just when I thought it coudn’t get any better…talk about living the dream. Rex, bless your heart, you completed the picture of an early morning walk with man’s best friend. Looking forward to more. Sheila

  9. Counting the day until June when I am able to wake up to the incredible sights and sounds of Santorini. Are those the swallows singing and chriping along with Rex in the early dawn sunshine? Can’t wait to start the day by sipping strong greek coffee and taking in incredible vistas such as this. I am “Santorini Dreaming”…

    • lol you’re just rubbing it in now ;-)
      You have a good eye Christa…those are indeed swallows and they perform the most incredible fly-by show for us every morning and evening as part of their feeding ritual.

  10. That’s amazing! Sure beats the concrete jungle I wake up to every morning :)

  11. Thank u, M!

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