Easter spirit – Pyrgos… Santorini 2010

Wishing all of you a safe & happy Easter !

Best wishes from a very sunny Oia ;-)


9 responses to “Easter spirit – Pyrgos… Santorini 2010

  1. thank you M, Happy Easter to you and your family! Wonderful picture… hope all is well : ) A

  2. Carolyn Hadden

    Your Good Friday picture of Pyrgos village brings back such happy memories for me.I have spent many Easters on Santorini with my friends who live there and I love all of the church services and everything that goes with a greek easter.I really enjoy reading your blogs and seeing your pictures.They keep me going until I next visit,which hopefully will be in Sept.I have visited Santorini 14 times,and I feel like if it is my second home.I have good friends in Oia,so know your village very well.

  3. Hronia polla, Michael!

  4. HappyHappy Easter Michael –
    I do hope you and yours will have a glorious sunny day !


  5. I wish a very Happy Easter to you and your family, Michael, lovely picture, and a sunny Easter to boot, We know when it’s Easter by all the campers huddling in the rain at the mall, happens every year, you’d think they’d know better lol. Again Happy Easter, Sheila

  6. Caro Michael,

    Buona pasqua anche a te! Easter is the beginning of spring here. The same goes for Santorini, I assume. Many Oia picks to look forward to. Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  7. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter from a wet and windy UK.

  8. hello Michael…. I wish to know all the Greek Island ….¡¡¡¡please I wait a lot of photos of Pyrgos of you….¡¡¡¡¡ Berta

    • Hi Berta… I tried to leave you a message for Easter but Blogger didn’t work. The email you left with your message didn’t work either. Can you send the correct Hotmail address to me… oiacaveman@yahoo.com
      Hope you had a great Easter with family ;-)

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