Let the new season begin !

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a week… been travelling on the mainland and it’s been a bit hectic. But I’m back on my island and it is buzzing with activity. Everyone is getting ready for the new season which officially begins at end of this month (Greek Easter is early this year – 4th April… so it will be an early start to Santorini’s season).

Today’s post is a bit of a recap on last week… as well as a glimpse of some things happening on the island as people get ready for the new season. They say the Queen thinks that the whole world smells of fresh paint… and it’s a bit like that here at the moment. Everyone is getting their properties/businesses ready for the new season… which means there is a lot of fresh paint, cleaning and furniture deliveries. The island is a hive of activity… probably largely invisible to the few tourists here already, but it’s all happening. The new season has begun and in case we needed a reminder of the fact we woke up to this:

Yep…she is the first for the year, sitting there all alone looking splendid. Soon
there will be at least 7-8 every day… fighting for the best spots in the caldera.
It was a fantastic sight… a welcome sight !

There are hundreds of people working to get the hotels ready… clean up and paint. Pools being cleaned and filled, new furniture arriving, new linen, new plants, new everything. Well… “almost” new everything. Some things do get a coat of paint to make them look like they are new again. This young guy was doing some work at Volcano View hotel – let me ask you…have you ever seen a person spraying varnish with a better view in the background ???

If you’re going to do some varnishing… you may as well do it in style.
Santorini style!

My trip, as always, was by slow boat and of course “at night”. Love boat trips at night… especially in winter. As usual I had the deck to myself and managed to get a couple of pics before going to sleep in the cabin. Here are some of my faves from this trip.

1am and all is well on the quiet deck.

The good ship “PREVELI” is my favourite of the old boats
on the Cyclades route.

No…it’s not a pool, it’s the stairs to the deck below. It’s a night shot
I have wanted to take for a long time !

Two of the chefs gazing out after finishing their shift. These guys
can be at sea for up to four months at a time.

Aegean sunrise… with Athens in the background.

On this trip my travels took me far… driving for a few days and seeing various people all over Greece. Much to do for the new season (more on that soon). The scenery throughout Greece is sublime and I have to tell you that it’s largely undiscovered. Every time I travel in this tiny country my mind fills with ideas about what they “could” and “should” be doing to promote the incredible beauty of this ancient land. The world is mostly oblivious to what there is to be seen and experienced in this mythical country… but we’ll change that, one step at a time.

But no matter where I go or what I see… there is always a view that makes me feel glad to be home. There is a certain spot from where I can see my tiny little village hanging on the edge of the cliff… and it’s always a welcoming sight!

home…sweet home !


5 responses to “Let the new season begin !

  1. Beautiful picture of the caldera and cruise ship Michael. The behind the scenes pics are nice to see as well. I can almost feel the warm breeze on my skin. Our early spring was “blessed?” with a short snowfall today. Would be fun to be on the island with all those preperations going on.

  2. Sweet it is! Wish I was coming for a Santorini visit this year! It’s been too long!

  3. Oh Michael! I have missed seeing your world and reading your philosophy on your adopted land. Stunning night boat photos!! The blues are magical. Your last photo is a marvel … your village sitting there seems so fragile! Beautiful!! ;>) Carol

  4. BTW Michael,
    A couple of blog awards await you at my site when you would like to pick them up!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Very interesting post, I, as tourist to Greek Islands, can only imagine how everything is being prepared for the season

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