it’s the DASH that matters…

Went for my early walk this morning. Far too early for anybody else to be around…so I had the pleasure of having the entire village and it’s glorious views all to myself.

It was a beautiful spring morning… warm, clear and almost perfectly still. The views were incredible… even for someone that lives here. To make it even more poignant there wasn’t a sign of another human anywhere to be seen. Just me and my stray dog Woolfie…and the whole miracle of nature that is the Santorini caldera. A rare privilege indeed… one that makes you reflective and appreciative. Along with many other things in life I was indeed very pleased to be right there at that very moment.

So many thoughts came to mind. In particular, I thought about a line that is old… but so very true ~ It’s  not your birth date or the date of your death that matters on your tombstone… its what you managed to fit into the “dash” between !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There is an elegant lady in Spain with whom I travel a lot… she takes me to all kinds of places…
Venice, Provence, Portofino just to name a few. She has an eye for beauty, is a great photographer
and a very stylish tour guide.

You can join me and travel all over the world with her too…
simply by visiting her wonderful blog here:

Thank you Berta ;-)


14 responses to “it’s the DASH that matters…

  1. The caldera is so beautiful – it almost doesn’t look real. What a morning!


  2. You truly are a lucky person to be able to enjoy such beauty on a regular basis. How I dream to be there one day. I have enjoyed visiting the toiledejouy website many times and all the other websites of people who leave comments on your site. You can learn so much this way. I,m fairly new to “surfing the web” ( I know, don’t ask lol ) but I think it’s great to interact with people we may never meet. Sheila
    P.S. Love the quote !

  3. As I respond to this I am looking over Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast in Australia; normally a deep aqua blue and crystal white sparkling panorama, today, like the previous 8 days before it, is a grim gray and the ocean is formidable. It is our stormy season moving into Autumn and the cockatoos and lorikeets are roosting like wet shags on our balcony (and making a mess). Right now, it is the antithesis of what you are enjoying, but soon it will be crisp and cool and sparkling again. Ain’t ‘the Dash’ of life grand! How priviledged we are. I truly love reading your site.

    • Welcome & thank you Wendy… I lived on the Gold Coast many many years ago… your neighbourhood was a lot quieter then… as was the hinterland. Magical place ;-)

  4. I have to agree wholeheartedly that Berta is one of the sweetest bloggers who constantly entertains us with visual delights…I’m always greeted with a pleasant surprise when I visit her blog…

  5. I have a treat to tell you about. A movie or documemtary perhaps called Ashes and Snow.

  6. Just wanted to say I love the new pics at the heading, more vibrant and exciting looking, just like Santorini. ttyl, Sheila

  7. Beautiful! It must be really nice to have opportunities to have such walks before work!

  8. Thanks for the link Michael…her photos are fabulous as are yours, xv.

  9. Another beautiful photo! Hi Michael! Thanks for coming to visit me. I’m so glad to be back here with you. I actually used that DASH line (or a variation of it) in a short story recently. After much budding of spring happening here we are now faced with snow tonight. Unbelievable! Wishing you a fabulous week!

  10. Thank you very much , Michael, for all the nice things that you have said of me and MI BLOG…you are charming….¡¡¡ thank you Berta

  11. What an incredible view and how lucky you are to be on your own walking through the beautiful houses and enjoying the view… I’ll take a look to the blog you propose I love to travel so I will like it too…
    kind regards!

  12. What a beautiful view to have to yourself and your sweet dog! Michael I should love the peace and quiet more than all the business to come but then I am sure you enjoy both times in your Santorini. I visited your friends blog… she has some gorgeous shots from your world too! Beautiful blog… thanks for the link! You inspire me more than anyone to sell my life here for the freedom to explore the world! I am seriously considering it.

  13. WOLFIE!!! Thats my favorite name for a pet! Even a man! ha! ;-)

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