People…. must be Spring!

It feels like yesterday that I was showing you photos of an empty village… signalling the start of winter. But that’s history. It’s SPRING! There are signs of life… there are people watching the sunset again… there is painting going on… the new season has begun. But before Oia dusts herself off and puts on her Spring & Summer finest… I thought we’d take a quick walk to welcome the new sun-setters and say goodbye to winter for another year.

almost 6pm and it’s till daylight… that spells SPRING !

a shortcut here…

and a shortcut there…

and the sunset view opens up… the place is still a little dirty
but the “old girl hasn’t even begun to get ready for her season”

although… dusty as she may be right now
she still looks a picture…don’t you think?

over at the fort, well… tourists will do what tourists do,
they pose… they hug… they kiss and they just stare… mesmerised.
Oia is weaving her magic all over again !

this is what they have come to see of course… as well as the old girl herself.
Oia will not disappoint them. It’s actually a great time to be here…
( is there a bad time to be here ? )

at the fort… not all the locals are as excited as the happy group of Chinese teenagers…

my beautiful local stray “Wolfie” has seen it all before… but she comes along to
keep me company (Rex was making sure the kids were ok on their walk)

and this… this is the luxury of this season. Two girlfriends having a glass of wine at sunset
in Oia… with nobody else around. A luxury indeed…

there are so many lines to go with this image…most of them I couldn’t even print in public !

Instead I will let you fill in your own tag line for this image and maybe send it into me  ;-)

Hope you enjoyed our last winter walk…

Spring… bring it on !


13 responses to “People…. must be Spring!

  1. I’m so excited that spring in Greece is heading your…and our way. Can’t wait to see it come alive again. Just took another look at the storm videos. They are too much!


  2. Oh I’m so ready for Spring…and then long Summer evenings with warm breezes and no more of these damp, cold days.

  3. Just stunning. I feel like I have walked into all those nooks and crannies, I’m am so there in my mind. Thanks for talking us along on the walk. I think I recognize that little coiled up dog in the picture from when I was in Oia in October.

  4. Again, Great pics… love the cat on the ledge is perfect…maybe he is hoping for a big fish dinner… can you help him out on that? glad your spring is springing…ours too…thanks for the wonderful post! A

  5. So, you are Michael and you post a photo of “two girlfriends” sitting just inches away from the Summer Lovers house… it that all coincidence or is there a subtle message here?

  6. She is beautiful indeed. Enjoy spring..we are looking forward to a change in temperature after a long, hot summer…Lisa x

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I was one of those tourists once. and although only there for 3 days it lingers in my memory still.. Image #5 is fantastic.. well they all are..

    Unfortunately Autumn has arrived here today… too sad. .. Thanks for sharing your fab photos..

  8. absolutely perfect pictures and perfect views

  9. Hello! I have just stumbled on your magnificent blog! I arrived in Oia 2 days ago, on my third visit, and am here for the month. It is magical (and thank goodness the bakery is open). Your photos are wonderful

    • Karen…welcome to Oia. Hope you’re enjoying your stay although the weather is still a bit erratic…the view is always magnificent ;-)

  10. I am so envious of Karen! I would love to be in your world at this time… winter is still clinging a bit here so to be away for a couple of weeks at least would be perfect. I should think ahead to prepare for this. I would miss trees in your world… how will the rising ocean levels affect Oia? As always inspiring and beautiful photos of your home Michael! Carol

  11. Thanks, Michael. It was a great day today, but I don’t mind seeing the “other” side of Oia. I’m loving watching all the preparations for the season, the painting and fixing up new shops. My favourite cafe, Skiza, opened this week and I can be found for hours on end just looking at the view.
    Carol – I hope you can get here soon. I’ve already decided to come back for a month in October to see the close of the season (so far, I’ve always visited at the beginning and end of the seasons, and love feeling like I have Oia to myself!

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