No TV… no Starbucks & no sirens !

What makes life worth living?  What does one need in life to be happy?

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take…

but the number of moments that take our breath away”

I captured this image this morning. The mountains in the mist are from the small island of Anafi… across the water from Santorini. It was one of those moments that make you stop and reflect. It’s not always easy living on an island… it’s not always convenient and you don’t have a lot of the things that the rest of the world for some reason considers “essential”.

No we don’t have Starbucks…I consider it a joke when I hear people refer to it as a “caffe” … that’s like saying McDonalds is a restaurant. We don’t have TV either (by choice)… believe it or not it is NOT essential to daily life. But something else occurred to me looking at the image above earlier this morning… I haven’t heard a siren for more than two years now. I don’t miss that either.

On the other hand… not a day goes by that doesn’t have at least one  moment that takes my breath away !

* * * * * * * * *

Her maiden name is Christine Perfect and in 1976 she wrote and recorded a simple ballad that lived up to her name.
Her band was Fleetwood Mac… the little album was “Rumours” and the simple ballad was none other than “Songbird”.

Sublime song written by Christine McVie at her best. I have been fortunate to see this beautiful woman perform this song live twice…
life’s little treats ;-)

the cool verse


9 responses to “No TV… no Starbucks & no sirens !

  1. i was just thinking it’s amazing what we are able to live without when we don’t have them

    that picture looks like a painting!

  2. Your picture makes me think of sirenity

  3. As a child I grew up in foreign countries where we had no “American TV” but we didn’t care…we were too busy exploring our wonderful environments and mingling with the “locals”…where we were considered the “foreigners”. Then when my boys were little, and I was back stateside, I didn’t have any regular/cable TV and didn’t let my boys watch TV. We would rent and watch movies and that was a treat because we’d do it together on the weekends…I couldn’t afford to go to the theather so we treated rentals as going to the “movies”. Now my sons are on their own and they continue this…they don’t have cable TV and they don’t want their kids to have it either (whenever they give me grandbabies that is…lol). Also going to the library and getting books was a big treat and my boys…also didn’t own a single VIDEO game console…hated that whole mess. Whatever happened to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY or GO READ A BOOK…guess I’m the odd one out…but that’s okay by me. Have a great weekend, fondly, Roberta

    • Have to admit that laptops get a workout in the cave Roberta… it’s not always “outside playing” for the kids… but there has not been a single word of complaint about TV – free to air or cable. It is amazing how we all use the web for our own purposes… but no TV withdrawal syndrome !

  4. oh my…well..who cares for Starbucks when you have this !!
    ok…i love dramatic storms too but just tiny less water…
    Have a super week end, dear M !

  5. Love the quote and that shot is just majical!

  6. I so agree with you Michael! I do not have a TV but find that my computer does take too much of my life… still I would hate not to have it … for it allows me visits to your world. I love the quote! It is so true. Beautiful shot!! Carol

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