Blame it on the Virus…

Miss Isabella Loulou (daughter #3 – seen here on a warmer evening) has not been well… an inconsiderate virus has given her swollen glands, very sore throat  and puffy eyes. Poor thing has had a raft of blood tests and all kinds of other tests and ultrasounds, as the local doctors tried to figure out what the virus is… by eliminating what it is not. We’ve been in and out of the hospital for several days now… but it looks like they have managed to identify it and put her on the right path to recovery. Rest and recovery for a week or so, in the cave house and she should be fine to roam the island once again.

The running around hasn’t left much time for a lot of things…let alone a blog post. But I promise to make up for it as of tomorrow. I also need to apologise to all my blogger friends for not visiting them for a while…will try to rectify that this week as well.

Meantime, I will hope you enjoy two of my absolute favourite songs/artists of all time on the CoolVerse page ;-)


5 responses to “Blame it on the Virus…

  1. Sending my wishes to Miss Isabella Loulou for a quick recovery now that you’ve found the culprit. I’m sure you are breathing a sigh of relief. Stay warm in the cave.


  2. oh michael, i hope your daughter continues to feel better, poor thing…having your child sick is such a helpless feeling, but it sounds like she is in the best of hands… i’ll be praying for her and the rest of the family as well…we’ll be here when you are ready..suspended my blog until real estate school is finished, so scratch that one off your list to visit ; ) y’all take care, A

  3. Caro Michael,

    Give your little Miss all your love, and she will recover. She is the centre of your universe. You do absolutely right. Don’t mind the rest of the world! Give her my my best wishes!!! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  4. oh no! hope Miss Loulou will be well soon…I’m glad this virus could have been identified in the end. All my best wishes for a prompt recovery and don’t be silly, blog can wait you know!
    (hum…may i add, you “should” know that..sorry..couldn’t resist :-)
    Lots of love

  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your lovely daughter Michael! What an ordeal… it is so hard to see our children go through all that but thankfully they can see what ails her and come up with a cure. I know others right now who are not that lucky. Young people struck down suddenly and not being able to know what is going on… after blood work, spinal taps… months go by and no explanation… Sorry you do not need to hear this… I am so happy when it all works and good health can be restored. I have an anniversary post I would love you to be part of … I love your blog so and your words have inspired me through this last year… both here in your world and your comments of encouragement on my blog. ;>) Carol

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