It’s a dog’s life… name is Rex !

my job is to keep an eye on things…watch out for pirates,
marauders… you know, be a vicious guard dog

I do impressions too…

in my next life I want to come back as Rex… again ;-)


the coolverse

"Scenes from an Italian restaurant" 
Billy Joel

6 responses to “It’s a dog’s life…

  1. In my next life … .
    I want to come back as Rex!


  2. My Dad said he wanted to come back as one of my pets. Me, I want to go to dog heaven.

  3. Rex has a better view than I do. A dog’s life is looking pretty good to me at the moment.


  4. Hi! My name is Rex too (yes, really)! I hope I get to meet you when I am in Santorini in May!

    I love reading your blog…it’s getting me very excited about my trip!

  5. Caro Michael,

    Who would not like to be in Rex’s clothes… sorry position! A happy dog’s life, I would say. My woolies are happy/creative dogs as well, but they lack the water – and the “dreamy” horizon . Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  6. I am sure Rex enjoys the view from where he rests. He is pretty secure to sit on the narrow ledge… your second photo is fabulous! The land and sky expanse are breathtaking! It looks like even the dogs appreciate the beauty of your island. ;>) Carol

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