Naxos – magic on a cold winter’s day

On a very cold, wet and very windy morning I find myself in Naxos… a beautiful island very near mine. The sky is grey, the wind is bitterly cold and there are no tourists anywhere to be seen…. come to think of it there aren’t many locals walking around either. Bliss…

So let’s pretend that I’ve waited for you at the port… to take you for a guided tour. The island has many stunning beaches and picturesque small villages… but we’re not here for that. Today we will look at the old part of the main town, a town that has seen many conquerors and experienced many cultures… and it shows. The Venetians were here for several centuries and the old part of town has retained much of the enchanting charm they introduced all those years ago. As we walk through you will get a sense of what it would be like in the middle of summer… lots of tanned, relaxed, mesmerised people around enjoying a dream holiday on a Greek island. People fall in love with Naxos… and each other, walking through these gorgeous narrow lanes. Let me show you why…

the gates of the temple of Apollo in the background…

the seas are angry and the wind is cold…

but once inside the old town we’re sheltered… admiring the old venetian fort

Naxos is one of the biggest producers of marble in Greece…
it’s stunning

and it’s used everywhere

the tiny little lanes hide many treasures as we walk through…

each corner leading us to another lane… another beautiful doorway

we wonder who lives in these places…

how many armies…soldiers and summer lovers have walked through
these pathways

the door must be hundreds of years old… the doorway
even older

we admire the attention to detail… the craftsmanship of the islanders

the church facade is completely covered in Naxos marble…

we stop to admire a Greek island scene worthy of a painting…

someone’s secret hideaway…

we wonder what it would be like to sit under these arches during
a hot summer night… sipping cold wine

and visiting the people that live here for dinner

or maybe having dinner here…

or here…

or perhaps have one of the Captain’s cocktails on a balmy
August night…

so many images here to make us think how lucky we are
to be in this magical place…

Chora (pronounced “ho-ra”… literally meaning “town”) is one of countless picturesque village towns on the Greek islands… but this has a very special charm. Maybe… during summer, we’ll walk through this magical place again to experience it under the summer night sky…

Hope you enjoyed our winter walk on Naxos ;-)


13 responses to “Naxos – magic on a cold winter’s day

  1. So beautiful, I love the old world charm. The weather in the first couple of pics hits close to home. I can just see myself sitting at one of those cafes having dinner. Hope you make it back there in summer, I can only imagine how beautiful it would look.
    Indeed, you are very lucky. Thanks for the walk, Sheila

  2. I have visited Naxos in summer and so enjoyed your winter pictures…I also have a love of old doors and doorways which made your walk a joy for me.
    Thank you M.

  3. oh..these marble arches and pillars…beautiful in every detail…
    thank you for this winter magical walk Michael…we always tend to forget that Mediterranean places look alluring too in their winter dress ! :-)

  4. Fabulous! I loved my visit to Naxos. Your photos make me want to go back to the Cyclades in winter. What do you think about Folegandros? Any travel tips for that island?

  5. sigh….loved the walk through Naxos and look forward to seeing it with sunglasses on

  6. A beautiful tour Michael, thank you. xv

  7. Caro Michael,

    You make it perfectly clear to me – what I am actually longing for, but did not know I was. Your pics are pure magic! Planning to see a friend on Mykonos. Pity I have to wait until the summer. Until then I just have to dream – in tune with your photo and lyrics! Buon proseguimento in Naxos! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

    • Hi Ingrid… lovely comment, thank you. We are so lucky living in this part of the world… so many choices, so much to discover. The summer months will roll soon enough… and what fun dreaming ;-)

  8. M –

    I am in love with Naxos. An excellent photo tour. only you can bring. Thanks so much!


  9. Truly beautiful, merci! :-)

  10. Very beautiful. Great piece and very creative imagination. Naxus deserves it.

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