Akrotiri – Santorini

It’s wild, it’s windy, it’s raw and it’s stunning… it’s the edge of Santorini.

It is a very rare glimpse at Akrotiri in winter. Enjoy!

the view from this side is quite different

the scenery is wild… but beautiful

old lighthouse…

the ledge we call “turtle’s head”…

the cliff we call “Darth Vader’s” home…

Allison flying…again

“white beach” as you’ve never seen it…

As you can see the blog redesign is not complete yet…. but it’s been a while since my last post so I wanted to do something until the new look is finalised. The images I wanted to share are from a side of the island not many people go to, even in summer…. and NOBODY in winter. It’s the very opposite side of the island to my village of Oia. On a very windy New Year’s day… it was the perfect place to go for a walk.

PS: Hope you all have a wonderful twenty-10. This year for the blog it will be all about simplicity and understated elegance. Hope you like the changes…. don’t worry, you’ll get to have a say in the new look as well as the content.

PPS: Do you like the new banner ?


14 responses to “Akrotiri – Santorini

  1. You are right about no tourists visiting the old lighthouse. The drive to the end of the road to find the lighthouse was beautiful. Great description of the house on that. LOL. I do enjoy reading your blog.

  2. For some reason the header pic isn’t showing. Maybe later. So is Akrotiri a separate island/volcano than Santorini? Is volcano still active?

    • Hopefully that’s fixed now Donna…thnx for letting me know. The volcano is still active but Akrotiri is not separate…. it is the very tip of Santorini facing south towards Crete.

  3. Looks so grey and blustery there – not at all how I picture Santorini. It is the same here right now too. Banner? What banner? Where did it go? It is understated…pure white, with a red x in the upper left hand corner. Back to the drawing board, my friend.


    • lolol so harsh….but you’re right Catherine.. it was understated lol. Hopefully fixed now. It has actually been an incredibly mild and sunny winter so far. Very few overcast days and still 15+ degrees C almost everyday. Hanging out for some cold and snow… hopefully soon – if not, we’re off to Mt Olympus ;-)

  4. Caro Michael,
    I do, I do, I do – like the new banner and everything wild! What’s next? Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  5. Would love to see this side of the island while we’re there in June. Will you be our tour guide? :)

  6. Like the banner, don’t care so much for the smaller pictures… would prefer even bigger ones, but perhaps it costs more or is too slow?

    Anyway good to hear from you again. Is the Akrotiri site still closed to visitors? Any rumors when it might reopen?

  7. I was wondering what was going on… glad you are back… I do like the banner… and the pics in the post is wonderful, I love the ocean and coast when it’s cold…in fact, my love for the ocean is unconditional !! It was 16 degrees F (-9C) in South Texas this morning and gets me that more excited for my girls trip to the beach at the end of the month!!!

  8. Wont be this year Antoine…

    -9C in Texas…what the hell is the world coming to?

    Winter so far on Santorini has been a non-event… but February is always the danger month. I have a feeling that all the crops and flowers will be fooled into thinking it’s spring… and then Bang! the big freeze will hit…let’s hope not.

  9. Happy new year Michael. Love the light house and the banner..Lisa x

  10. So good to see you back, Happy New Year and new blog beginnings!

    I love your new banner!
    May I add that I think it is so beautiful,
    it should great visitors immediately after your blog’s name?

    Oia Santorini
    A noteboook about life in Oia
    B A N N E R P I C T U R E

    I’d love to be immediately pulled into that deep blue sea and sky, although I will be happy to get my daily fill of blue and sunshine any which way you decide!

    To great beginnings,

    • Merisi… completely agree with you on banner placement. Sadly this theme places all the pages under the heading and there is very little customisation allowed…hence the move to completely different layout. Shouldve done it a lot earlier and I wouldnt have 100+ posts to worry about. But enjoying the design process and looking forward to the new look.
      Happy new year to you and looking forward to your glorious pictures of your beautiful city.

  11. brrr…tell me do you still swim ? ok..just kidding…
    i love your new banner Michael…it’s just that perhaps you don’t need all the headlines above..yes, no? :-)

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