Oia – on a winter’s day

~ One kind word can warm three winter months. ~

Japanese proverb

When you look out your window and see this coming towards you…
you know it’s a day best spent indoors.

the storm didn’t last long but it was intense… plenty or rain and hail

the village streets were deserted and wet… not even
the village dogs were making an appearance

the village square…a hive of activity in summer
it is now eerily quiet and empty

restaurants like “Thalami” are stacked for winter

and “Skala” has been completely emptied… being
totally unprotected from the weather

this poor old fellow was curled up next to the food
provided by the local stray “caretakers” – more on that soon

and this… this is what luxury hotels look like in winter.
This is Andronis Villas currently undergoing some renovations…
to be ready for Christa and her husband Tom
when they arrive next June ;-)

early tomorrow morning…around 2.30am I will be on this boat on my way
to Athens for some “stuff” and maybe a visit further North.
I will be away for a few days but hoping to post a few things along the way.
Its all to do with doctors and that’s never pleasant.
So if you’re feeling kind and you believe the Japanese proverb above
you can leave some kind words to warm up the winter months ahead.
Wish me luck !


14 responses to “Oia – on a winter’s day

  1. Great photos, i love seeing yet another angle of your amazing village! hope all goes well at the dr… no that is never pleasant but keep your thoughts positive and say a little prayer, i will as well. A

  2. I do .. . I do ….. . wish you luck!


    I do REALLY love these beautiful photos of
    your village at rest. It all seems to be a
    great exhale. A reminder that life ebbs & flows and both are part of the process.


  3. Safe travels Michael…hope all is well for you. Beautiful shots today, thank you. xv

  4. Beautiful photos as always, thank you so much. I think I’d be willing to face that storm in a raincoat if it meant I could be in Oia for a week. Not so sure about facing the Dr. though — hope it goes well.

  5. Good luck with the Dr. visit, will be thinking of you.
    Thank you for the beautiful winter photos of your lovely Oia.
    Take care

  6. Beautiful once again. Particularly love the light in the last picture. Wishing you luck..take care and hope all is well. Lisa xx

  7. Caro Michael,

    In bocca al lupo! Buona fortuna! Hope you will enjoy your trip, despite your appintment. Come back safe! Lovely photo, as always. Both photo and wording sheer poetry! Sorry for not responding for a few weeks. Computer virus and convalesence. Have to catch up…. Take good care of yourself! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  8. Best wishes for your journey and all will be well with the doctor for sure, fondly, Roberta

  9. Michael, wishng you good health and travels! Hoping all goes well w/ the Dr. Hope you get to the Plaka. Ever been to Delphi? One of my favorites! Thinking of you…

  10. It is always so nice to get those tests behind you – such a relief instead of putting them off. How cold does it get in Oia? The high will be 30 tomorrow. I hate cold, yet the spring seed catalogs are starting to arrive. I’ll be planting a new field of thornless blackberries in early spring. I get carried away with planting plans.

  11. thank you to all of you for the kind words and good wishes… currently in Northern Greece enjoying a few days with my daughter who is over from London. Will be back soon with great pics.
    PS: all is fine with visit to Dr… more on that soon

  12. Glad to hear your Dr. visit went well. I am only just reading about it. I still want to wish you good luck! Your photos are all inspiring as always… how could they not be with that setting … but yes you have an eye for composition and that combination makes magic. Your first second and last shots especially make me dream. Beautiful! What a different landscape I live in. Lovely now but three and a half more months may be hard to take and I will be longing for a warmer world. Oops I should not say that!! Enjoy your daughter. Regards, Carol

  13. Thank you for these pictures of Oia in winter, they are very rare. I wish you a happy new year.

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