Autumn sunset fantasia

This post was started yesterday and was going to look quite different. You see… as we always do after stormy weather, we went collecting driftwood. It’s amazing what we find on the western side of the island after storms… some of the driftwood is like work of art. As always we went early morning on Sunday. This post was going to be all about that…

Searching for driftwood…

Alessi shoots the shooter !

But then… this evening (Monday), as I was writing this post – using the driftwood pics from Sunday – I was told to “look outside…quick”.

I did…… & this is what I saw !

these are real colours…

bit more to the right to take the fort (blog column not wide enough)

only so much you can do with the little Pentax… but the close up looks dreamy,
don’t you think?


PS: For the unidentified commenter “One of your readers”…. in answer to your question,  I would love to know why you would want to submit an essay but not want to win.

PPS: To all those who thought I was being harsh towards the procrastinators…you’re wrong. I’m guilty of it myself, so I can hardly chastise others. However…I still believe it is a debilitating condition and I suspect it robbed some people of  an opportunity to  be in the contest with a chance of winning. Big topic this one…perhaps a separate post !

PPS: More essays on Wednesday & the “Living with purpose” post still needs work ;-)

ALSO… if you haven’t seen them already, there are more “Respect” photos on the page… hope you can take a look and leave a comment for those who took time to try and make a difference in this world. If you happen to live in a large city (NYC, London) or anywhere for that matter… I would LOVE to see some “Respect” photos from you.

6 responses to “Autumn sunset fantasia

  1. Beautiful pictures, and looking forward to more as the winter progresses. The two of you look like you’re still dressed for summer, how lucky. Here in my little corner of British Columbia, we are experiencing 80K winds and plenty of mixed rain and snow. Your winter would be heaven to us.
    Love to see what an Oia Christmas looks like.

    Best wishes, Sheila

  2. Beautiful dreamy colors Michael! Even in the first photo the light seems to be painting the cliff. Magical sunset… the water is beautiful as well… what a gorgeous landscape. Carol

  3. I would love to see an Oia Xmas too Sheila. So far we have gone into mainland Greece or Europe at Xmas… but this year we are thinking of staying home. It gets very windy here too btw… although I don’t think you can compare a Canadian winter to Oia in terms of cold.

    Carol…I actually took a short video of the front view (one at sunrise and one at sunset). Will edit them and post the best one soon ;-)

  4. WOW, amazing colours, amazing landscape..your images and words keep me dreaming of Santorini. Lisa

  5. We are booking a cruise that arrives in Santorini at 4:00 p.m. What time does the sun set in September? Will we be able to see anything in the evening. Should we book another cruise that arrives earlier in the day and spends the same amount of time in port.

    Thank you.


    • Hi J… sunset in September is around 7.45 but that means nothing if you have to stay in Fira. I assume that your cruise will leave around 10pm…which gives you time toeither catch a bus or taxi to Oia to watch the sunset if you wanted to. Either way….if you love the idea of Santorini you will not get enough time to do much whilst on a cruise stop for a couple of hours. Having said that…if that’s the only way you can get here…then make the trip to Oia regardless and watch the sunset….perhaps even have dinner at Ammoudi and then ask the restaurant to call you a taxi to take you back to the port.. Before dinner you can walk around Oia and then make your way down to Ammoudi by taking the steps leading down there. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…..a hell of a lot better than the rest of your fellow passengers who will more than likely stay in Fira for 4-5 hours.
      Hope it works out for you ;-)

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