Oia Santorini – traffic delays

I know that some of you think that the view you wake up to is very special…. and it probably is. However, somehow I don’t think any of you wake up to anything like this:


good morning Mr M !


are you looking at me?


Morning traffic… Oia style !


early start for the mule team… the good doctor next door is renovating
his cave house…which means these guys will be visiting us a lot
over the coming days/weeks.


Alessi patiently awaits for the mule traffic to clear so he can go to school…

No… it’s not your average suburban neighbourhood or traffic jam… but then we never signed up for that ;-)

PS: this is in fact the 99th post… the 100th will be on Sunday night. Santorini Dreaming essays all next week… and please keep sending your “Respect” photos... they are very much appreciated !

6 responses to “Oia Santorini – traffic delays

  1. This is the kind of traffic I like…great shots, xv.

  2. Great pictures!

  3. So adorable, and quite the little workers. How cool to tell people you’re renovating your cave home!! Could you ever have a boring day on the island? I don’t think it’s possible. I have tried to find a book on these beautiful cave homes ( a sort of decorating book ), but so far no luck. Hopefully one is out there. Look forward to reading your 100th post.

  4. I’d take that kind of traffic jam any day…so sublime…

  5. A mule is a mule is a mule …. wait … no footwear, you say? ;-)

    Are they getting up at the crack of dawn?

  6. Very special indeed! I can’t top that view or that very soothing kind of traffic jam..

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