Respect – from around the world !

There is something very special about seeing people respond t0 something that you believe in. Several of you have gone out of your way to write or somehow display the “one word message’ in your favourite parts of the world around you. For me…sitting on the other side of the world, seeing these pictures is sheer pleasure and gives me a great sense of hope. I totally believe in the power in each of us to make a difference… and surely writing one single word of meaning must be the ultimate in intentional living at its’ elegant best.

Who said that a complex massage can not be delivered in a most powerful, yet elegantly simple way?

If you click here you will see some great examples of several people doing exactly that…delivering a very important message in the most basic and individually empowered way. Thank you to all who cared enough to do this and I hope a great number more of you will follow their example.

Hope you enjoy the RESPECT photos.

BTW…  would love your feedback on how we can spread the word further !

Wave from a small village currently being hit by yet another thunderstorm… brrrrr   ;-)


PS: This Friday is the 100th post… so I guess I will have to follow tradition and reveal some things (certainly not 100) about myself. Should make for some boring reading if you have nothing better to do…

PPS: The Santorini Dreaming essay submissions are now closed. Thank you to all those that entered… I am enjoying reading them a great deal ;-)



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