Oia Santorini – Autumn Serenity

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”

To many of you the colours, the landscapes, the empty paths and the darkened skies may seem melancholic.

To me… they seem blissfully serene.

Together with what I believe to be the most sublime single-instrument music ever written playing in the background… allow me to take you into my world for just a few minutes.

Relax & enjoy !

(if you have trouble watching it here you can also see it on YouTube here

These images were shot by me this past week.
The weather has suddenly turned, the skies are dark
and the wind is howling outside.
But inside the cave it is blissfully quiet. Soft music, candlelight…..


SD headr

In case you haven’t noticed… there is only a week left for you to submit your essay.
Don’t allow yourself to miss out because you procrastinated or thought “you couldn’t win”.
Make the effort. Trust me… it will be worth it .

Don’t know what Santorini Dreaming is?  Click here!

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” Respect “

To those of you that sent emails & messages of support regarding the “Respect – power of one” post / project… I thank you !
If you missed the post you can read it here.

In case you missed it in the above video the images below are my “respect’ photos from Oia. More than a million people a year
will see these couple of words written in crayon.


respect2Both of these are on the way to the sunset viewing spots in Oia.
It is such a small act… with such a huge message.

I hope you can join us and spread the word…. and the message !

I look forward to getting your own “respect” photos, as well as
your Santorini Dreaming essays soon.

Best from Oia … M



10 responses to “Oia Santorini – Autumn Serenity

  1. beautiful. thanks for showing us a glimpse of your peaceful autumn paradise.


  2. Fantastic, the music is so fitting. I just can’t get enough of your beautiful Santorini, even the dogs look like they don’t seem to have much bite in there bark while enjoying the peace and serenity.
    I truly enjoy your website. Look forward to hearing and seeing more.


  3. Such a beautiful, pristine place…it makes me wonder…hmmm…don’t know if anyone else has ever asked this but I need to know: why is there no trash ANYWHERE? How do you all dispose of your garbage there? Do you recycle or is the lifestyle there one of now waste? That would be such heaven on earth to me…since we’ve downsized and live in an apartment we see so much waste here and it’s very hard to recycle because the building managers just do not provide the right disposal facilities. Thanks, Roberta

  4. So lovely Michael… and the Moonlight Sonata … serenely played… perfect. Not one soul in sight and yet we know, from the care of the streets and every detail, thoughtful people dwell there. I so love the colors! Carol

  5. Aahh, you have this day convinced me that you and I are kindred spirits! The most sublime music indeed — and pictures to measure up to the music. Thanks again.

    I’m still looking for the right place to pay my Respect, so to speak. Don’t want to show disrespect by defacing someone else’s place.

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful pictures and showing me your world.In the past I have made several trips to Santorini and love Oia.Until I found your site I only had the George Meis book to enjoy and get my daily ‘fix’ now I look forward to all your updates.Like you I love the sunrise as much as sunsets and am lucky to have seen many beautiful ones.
    Keep up the good work and again thank you so much.
    Weston Super Mare Somerset UK

  7. What a perfect way to start my day! As I sit here in the dark of early morning with my cup of tea, a fire going to ward off the chill – you have transported me into your beautiful world. Merci!

  8. Caro caveman,

    You made my weekend, Michael. We are facing grey skies and showers here in Umbria. Thanks to you I can drift away…. The Moonlight Sonata in my ears, the Santorini white and blue in my eyes. My steps echoing, walking the cobbled lanes. Stroking a dog, touching the cool walls, watching the sun set ….. You are a blessed caveman, Michael. Such splendour! Buon fine settimana e buon weekend! Ingrid in Umbria

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