What if…

You don’t ask… you don’t get !

There are a lot of things we can teach our children… but this question, I believe, is one of the most important.
There are a lot of good habits we can all develop as individuals… but few are better than the ability to ask and work through “what if” scenarios.

There are few questions that can nourish the mind as much as  what if

It’s only two words… but they have probably started the right minds, thinking about the right things and finding the right answers, throughout the history of mankind. Chances are that every single invention, innovation, creation, design, art piece, book subject, movie script, idea development process, architectural plan, exploration plan and technology… started by someone uttering the words “what if”.

These words are the trigger of possibility thinking. The beginning of a mental journey that opens up new worlds of what is possible. They are the beginning of dreams… dreams that have changed the world into what it is today and will be tomorrow. They are the starting blocks of change, the very ignition of the thinking fuse that results in big bang ideas. They are the sparks that light up the infinite power of the human mind.

They are very low key words, hardly rate a mention in our praise of words and their power. Yet they would have to be the most powerful catapult for human ingenuity that has ever existed. Take a moment if you will… to think about the kinds of people (read: extraordinary people) that have no doubt uttered these words over the millennia. From the philosophers of ancient Greece and the Egyptian architects, to NASA mission planners and Disney imagineers. The scientists, the mathematicians, the visionary civic leaders… they all uttered these words. It is how everything we see around us started…

On an individual basis the importance of these words can not be overstated. The frequency with which we ask these words, the meaning we place on the question that these words preface and the scenarios we construct around them, say everything about who we are as individuals. Use them often enough and your mind becomes used to exploring ideas, dreams…. exploring the possible and redefining the impossible. They really are life changing words… if only we used them often enough and allowed them to trigger the full capacity of our brain into action.

What if you could have anything you wanted…what would it be?

What if you knew you couldn’t fail…what would you try?

What if you could make your dreams come true… what would you dream of?

Its amazing what worlds these two little words can open up… if only we allowed ourselves the pleasure to use them more often and then sit back and enjoy the results of a human brain at work.

Nothing is impossible for your brain… you just need to ask the magic words ;-)

::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::

Thank you to all of you that have submitted your “Santorini Dreaming” essays. To those of you that are still thinking and/or dreaming about it,
ask yourselves… “what if ?”

::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::

Lot of interest generated from the “Respect… the power of one” post . Please take a look if you haven’t read it. No matter where in the world you live… I would love you to take a “respect” photo and email it to me. I know that a lot of you don’t believe that alone you can make a difference… but you can !


3 responses to “What if…

  1. Dear M,
    I really must stop by on a more timely basis, but I have to admit I’ve enjoyed reading several posts in succession. You’ve given me much to think about…and I always click off from my visits with you feeling lighter somehow. So sorry to hear about your fall…perhaps you should let a burro take you about. (You know – replace one ass with another! Ha!) (It’s okay everyone – he knows I’m kidding.) One week to go for your fabulous contest – I’d better get with it. So little time, so much to say.
    Dreaming away,

    • Lolol I think the only ass in the whole thing was me Catherine….going too fast, mind away with the pixies and no helmet. Alas…even an ass would know better ;-)
      Stop procrastinating and start writing !

  2. As always inspiring us all Michael. What if? All the possibilities… that can sometimes be turned into fear as well… I choose your road to creativity … and to dream of so many other ways or roads to follow… What if? … the mind sips your words like champagne… bubbly, imaginative and continuously giving rise to hope. Carol

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