“Santorini Dreaming” – 2 weeks to enter

If you haven’t followed this blog for long and you are not aware of the “Santorini dreaming” short essays contest, then you may be missing out on a chance of a lifetime. The idea is simple… tell us in one thousand words or less what you would like to do, what you have always dreamed (or dreamt) of doing or what you have already done on Santorini. In short… tell us your dream holiday on Santorini or the dreamy holiday you have already spent here in the past. The winner gets to enjoy an incredible holiday here next year… made possible by the sponsors:  






There are over a million people that visit Santorini every year… but NONE of them ever experiences what the winners of this contest will experience next year.

There were a number of posts leading up to the Santorini Dreaming contest. I have compiled all of them on the Santorini Dreaming page… please visit and read about this opportunity to fulfil your Santorini dream.

You can click on the “Santorini Dreaming” page on the main menu or you can  click here !


Been a few days since my last post so today there are two…below is the real post of the day:  “Oia – paths less travelled”

Hope you enjoy !


One response to ““Santorini Dreaming” – 2 weeks to enter

  1. Caro Michael,

    Oh I so wish I could picture Oia the way you did in your former post. Envy the winner, who will get to know Santorini back stage – w your guidance. Beautiful post, Michael and intriguing photo! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

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