Oia – paths less travelled

Like any busy tourist town or village,  Oia has it’s busy lanes, paths and steps…. and then there are those used mostly by locals. The following is a small glimpse of Oia through my eyes… taking paths less travelled and sights less seen.

It’s Oia backstreets in the autumn light. Hope you enjoy ;-)




If only the steps could talk…



You probably drive up to your front door… here it’s a little different




Here our streets are… well, let’s just say  “a bit more poetic”  



the path is often someone’s front porch and someone else’s roof… 



but that makes for interesting angles… 




the shooter shoots the shooter…




an hour before sunset…the shadows are long
(right below the cruise ships is the Summer Lovers house, all boarded up for winter) 



the paths are almost empty… the village is mine again



the light is much softer… but the views remain the same – sublime !


I am sorry I haven’t posted much lately. There’s a lot going on (the business end of the year is starting) and there are many big plans for Aegean Designs… more on that soon. I am so looking forward to the blissful quiet of winter, the time to sit and think, read and write. The time to walk through the paths you just saw and many others which I will photograph for you. I hope you can keep me company through winter from your own corner of the world !

PS: Don’t forget to enter your “Santorini dreaming” essay for a chance to be here next year, to live your dream and walk these same paths in magical Oia. 



6 responses to “Oia – paths less travelled

  1. wow, great pics M… and with those pics i have now thought of my essay to write… must go, pencil has got to get to paper asap! glad you are healing quickly, lots of good thoughts and prayers came to you from all parts of the globe, you have made lots of friends through this wonderful blog and we are all so glad to have you back. A

  2. Michael those are truly magical photos of your world… the light… colors… I love your streets… and steps. Everything… even the clothesline held up by a stick! You must be so happy to have it to yourselves again! Carol

  3. Nice photos… I notice the Summer Lovers house no longer bears the design that was painted there for quite some time… is it no longer a tourist attraction? What is its status these days?

  4. Amanda – ty for the lovely thoughts…I hope the pics really do inspire you for your essay !

    Carol – although this is the business end of the year, it is such a pleasure to see the colours of the island change… the mornings are incredibly blissful and quite. I will post a video-bite I took and you will see my morning coffee view… quite amazing ;-)

    Antoine – the house is still there, same owners, but everything gets removed for winter. Very common to see all signs and even external lights removed over winter… with most shops is Oia.

  5. Michael, i must say this is soooo inspiring !! you must feel so privileged every time you walk in those deserted streets…

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