They say that it’s not “if” a motorbike rider will have a crash… its “when”.  The answer was “today”…

Rocks fallen on the road (as they often do after becoming loose on the cliffs of Santorini), taking the corner and trying to avoid them… only to hit the soft soil on the side. I can now vouch from experience that when human face, knees and hands hit the bitumen… the bitumen wins ;-(

Still… it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse. I think this was my wake up call to not let the mind drift when riding.

Sore now… will probably wake up a lot more so. Face and right hand took the impact but all things considered I walked, or rode away, in much better shape than I should have. I’m actually quite pissed off because I had been saving a post for a while and tonight was the night. But right hand is a bit too sore to type… so it will have to wait till tomorrow or Wednesday.

To those of you that have already sent your essay for Santorini Dreaming… thank you !

To those of you that are still considering it… dare to dream!


16 responses to “Statistic

  1. oh my…so happy to hear that you came out of the “crash” with minimal injuries…I know it must be hard to live in paradise and not let your mind wander over all those lovely views. Take care and be safe, fondly, Roberta

  2. oh no! i’m so sorry to hear that Michael…oh dear i hope it doesn’t hurt too much…
    Wish you a prompt recovery..take very good care of yourself, dear !!

  3. Sorry to hear about your accident. Keep safe, motor vehicle accidents can change your life forever! As always looking forward to your next post x

  4. Gosh! Ouch! So glad it was not worse and speedy recovery! Carol

  5. Thanx to all of you for kind words… just caught a glimpse of my face this morning….not a good look at all let me tell you ;-)

  6. I am happy that you survived your tumble Michael and I do hope you won’t be too sore and sorry tomorrow….take care, xv.

  7. Caro Michael,
    A split second. Happy to hear you made it. Hope you will recover soon! … A wake-up call to slow down, I guess. Dreaming on a vespa is best when the coast is clear. Bacione e star bene! Ingrid in Umbria

    • Dreaming on a vespa is only when you’re parked, sitting sideways on it having an ice-cream Ingrid… but a wake up call indeed. I see it as the best possible way you can learn the lessons (read: pain) of a fall, without the permanent reminders.

  8. !!! That’s terrible eek.. having said that, you are lucky!

  9. Oh dear .. . . that sounds like quite the tumble!
    Perhaps Luck is new to your vocabulary – but, just in time ;-) .

  10. oh nooo!… i am so glad you are okay… you’re a tough vespa biker… you’ll shake it off… yeah? get lots of rest… we’ll all be here to read and dream when you are better…bet you scared the heck out of your wife and kids! take care… some of that santorini wine will help : ) amanda

    • lolol I think a “tough vespa rider” is an oxymoron Amanda… but I’m a “wiser” vespa rider. Much safer to dream and imagine here with you… than doing it at 60km an hour on the Vespa. Thank you for your kind words ;-)

  11. So glad to know you’re ok. What a nasty wake up call! My sister took a spill in Bali a couple of years ago and still has the scar on her face. Hoping you heal quickly and thoroughly with no lasting impressions. You’re a lucky man! And we are lucky to have you!

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