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No… I haven’t forgotten and I haven’t changed my mind dear friends. The trip to Santorini is going ahead… and I hope you’ve been thinking of what it is you are going to write and how you’re going to write it, because it will be worth it. The delay is simply because I want to confirm a couple of details and I am trying to add more to the list of things the winning story/essay will get (as well as the runners up).

There are also a couple of things you can help me with. Call it a wiki-approach to the process of structuring this submission of dreams.
– Do we call them short stories or do we call them essays?
– If they are going to be under 1000 words then by definition they are short-short stories… or are they so short they should be called essays? 
– Should the length be <1000 or under <2000 words? Is a <1000 enough to tell what needs to be told?
– Should the submission period be open till just before or just after Christmas? (winner will need time to plan)
– Should the judging panel be made up of people on my blog-roll? if so…that would make them ineligible to enter…hardly fair given that they have supported this blog from the very beginning! 

So as you can see dear friends there is much to consider on this. Given that the whole thing is really for you… I would appreciate some input here. We want to make this as good as possible for everyone. We all want to read fantastic stories and give everyone that writes in a chance to enjoy a dream holiday on Santorini for a few days. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am sure there are things I haven’t thought about yet and things I have mentioned that could be done better…if so, please let me know. Meantime I will slap a few more people around on this end and get as much as I can out of them towards the winning package (that’s code for “ask them very nicely”… I’m not the forceful type)  ;-)


2 responses to “details details…

  1. This is such a wonderful idea.

    -I think under 1000 words would be better; that’s about three pages double spaced. I actually prefer shorter lengths because it forces me to really think about what I want to say rather than just letting me ramble on. It is also better for readers who may not have a ton of extra time in their day.

    -Having the submission period sooner may also be better as people will have time before the new year to plan vacation leave.

    -As for blogroll people judging, I think it could work without them being completely ineligible. If you have all entries submitted to you in a format you can edit, you can anonymize them before sending them onto the other judges. For example, randomly identifying persons as letters A-Z and their entries as numbers 1-26. Only you would know which person goes with each number. When the judges submit their determinations, all you would have to do is check that they did not choose their own submission as the winner. They would be slightly penalized by being ineligible for their own vote, but not for the entire thing.

  2. I should think you might call them essays and I agree the shorter number of words to inspire concise thoughts… besides you have to read them all you know… I would not wish to exclude those in my blogroll if I were you… a good suggestion above … I could not do better. As for deadlines I would vote for before Christmas. Carol

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