“Summer Lovers” giveaway – Santorini romance short stories

There are countless places around the world that cater to the romantics. Some rely on man-made scenery, while others rely on nature’s beauty to create the ambience. There are hotels and resorts, casinos and restaurants, tropical islands and mountain chalets.

And then…. then my dear friends there is Santorini. 

I don’t know the number of people that met and  fell in love on Santorini, or the number of people that got married here, or the number of people that came here together and fell in love all over again. My guess is that its a big number… and there is good reason for that. It’s a romantic’s paradise.

Whether it’s the mesmerising view, the wild scenery, the laid back atmosphere, the white cavehouses or the endless blue below…there is a certain magic that can’t be described. It can’t be captured in words or photographs and it can’t be reproduced elsewhere in the world. It is unique. It is the endearing, mystical charm of Santorini.

So recently I was reading some comments, as well as some emails and it struck me yet again how many of you have stories about this island. Stories about your visits here or stories about how you came to fall in love with Santorini from afar. True stories or dreams and sometimes a combination of the two. 

Many of you have described incredible memories you have from this island, while others have described vivid dreams that have played in your minds for years. I was thinking to myself that it would be wonderful to read more of these stories and dreams. To allow many of you to express your thoughts and feelings about this island. To give you an opportunity to reminisce and/or dream.

As you know there are many awards floating around in the blogosphere, under a variety of names and titles. The only award this humble blog has ever given out to it’s readers and visitors has been the infamous “grilled octopus & ouzo” award. Nothing special, I know. But… and it’s a big BUT dear friends. What makes the “grilled octopus” award special is that you can’t just visit the blog to collect it…. no no no! You have to collect it in person, right here… in Oia, Santorini, Greece !

So let me tell you what I am thinking dear friends. I am asking you to write in with your story about your romantic time on Santorini, or your dream of a romantic holiday on Santorini and the writer of the best story will get the award. Which of course means you will have to come here to collect it ;-)

This of course means that you and your partner (I hate that word…but you know what I mean) will need to stay somewhere….somewhere special. So I spoke to some friends and we have arranged 5 nights in two of the island’s most luxurious hotels. We’re not talking simple rooms… or “villas” that face nowhere and you need 45 minutes by mule to get to them. Nope… we are talking luxury that will spoil you for life and endless views of that special caldera blue.

Now… while you are here you will obviously need to have a romantic dinner, so we’ve arranged that. You will need to have a personalised tour of Santo Wines, the island’s finest winery, as well as a tasting of their wonderful wines whilst looking at the volcano below… so we’ve arranged that as well. 

There are also a few other things that we have arranged… but more about that on Friday. Needless to say that you will be made to feel special on your visit to Santorini. Oh and I almost forgot… you will need to collect your award for your wonderful story. For that of course there will be some grilled octopus and some ouzo drinking involved. That means I will have to join you at a table by the water at Ammoudi…(see the photos of the water here) watching the cruise ships sail past Oia on a clear night  as we indulge in some fine taverna food and a glass of ouzo or three.

All you have to do is write your wonderful story in 1000-words or less. That’s it !

There will be a lot more on this Friday’s post with details of time frames for story submission, trip dates, photos and more details of the hotels and other venues involved etc.

Has it got you thinking?




9 responses to ““Summer Lovers” giveaway – Santorini romance short stories

  1. OMG…this is fantastic…never been to Greece but have always wanted to…how lovely and sweet of you to make someone’s dream come true. Wow…I’ll have to think about writing something now…have a great evening, fondly, Roberta

  2. Yes – it has me thinking..and thinking! What a fun contest – will be back to check out all the details.

  3. What a fabulous idea Michael…How I love your romantic nature and your deep love for your home – it so resonates with me, xv.

  4. this is so great Michael! oh….how i wish !! :-)

  5. oh dear… you have sent all our minds into a creative overdrive!! what a fantastic idea…grat last couple of blog entries!! and wonderful pics as usual… thanks for the mental vacation while we were “in the weeds” here… both of my kids had the ” flu”… yes… that flu… scary for a bit and as they healed… i visited your sight to see your beautiful ” fantasy island” photos… they work wonders : )

  6. I so look forward to reading all your stories and hopefully many others. Will share with everyone and will try to arrange even more things for winners to do and experience during their stay on the island. Thank you to all for the kind words ;-)

  7. What a wonderful and generous idea! So thoughtful of you to come up with this. I can’t wait to read the winning piece!
    Happy weekend!

  8. Well what have we here?? What a gift for the winner… amazing Michael. Now since I have never step onto your island it would have to be a dream of being there… does that count… I think so if I read your words correctly. You truly are a man who is living his dream and wishes to share it. Carol

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